2080108 - Workflow Role Types - Employee Central

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2080108 - Workflow Role Types - Employee Central


  • This article provides an overview of the type of roles that can be used in your approval workflows.
  • What are the different types of roles that can be used in workflows?


  • Employee Central.


     The assignable role types for workflows and an example of their uses are listed below:

  • Role - Manager, HR Rep, etc. - This is assigned based on a relationship defined in a user's record. Example; Manager from the employee's job record OR HR rep, Matrix Manager, defined in the employee's Job Relationships.
  • Dynamic Role - Controller, VP, etc. - This is assigned based on information in an employee's record that matches the definition in the dynamic roles. Fields such as Legal Entity, Business Unit, and department are commonly used. The definition of the Dynamics roles are managed in the Foundation objects. Example; There are 2 VP's, one for South America and one for EMEA. If you hire an employee and they are in the EMEA Legal Entity the approval would route to the VP for EMEA only.
  • Dynamic Group - US HR Reps, Comp Admins, etc. - This is for an assigned permission group to be designated as approvers. This sends an approval request to all members of the specified group. Once the workflow is approved the request the approval notification is removed from the other group members' pending approvals and to-do list queues. These workflow groups are managed in Admin Tools>Manage Workflow Groups.
  • CC - An email is sent to notify the recipient of workflow completion. Once a workflow is completed the named users in the CC role will be sent a notification email of the workflow completion.
  • Contributor - Can add comments to workflows. A contributor has the opportunity to add comments to the workflow. The contributor role is allowed to comment in the step where they are located in the workflow. Example; if you would like a contributor to add notes before the final approval then you would add the Contributor role as the second to last step.


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