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2079968 - When will the ‘Reminders for Stalled Workflows’ be sent?


  • When will the Reminders for Stalled Workflows be sent?
  • From release b1308 and later there is a feature called Reminders for Stalled Workflows. I would like to understand when the reminder emails will be sent.



  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud
  • Employee Central - b1308 and later


  • This feature is in Admin ToolsManage OrganisationPay and Job StructuresWorfklows
  • The following example help to explain when Reminders for Stalled Workflows will be sent:
  • With the 'Remind in Days' value set to 1 how does the system define "one day"? Is it 24 hours after the transaction going into the approver's inbox or just when the clock pass 12 am?
    It is based on 12 am on the server. So if you are on our EMEA servers it will be 12 am CET.. etc.​​
    You will get a reminder past 12 am, and but it gets actually sent the next time the scheduled Quartz email job runs after that. Customer can choose the time of Quartz job.
    Each 12 am passed counts as 'one day'.. this sets the item as due, but the timing of the Quartz job determines when the email actually sends.
  • If I enter "2" in the Remind in Days field and the approver receives the transaction on March 9. Will he/she get a reminder on March 11 or March 12?
    March 11. The email will be sent whenever the Quartz email job runs after 12 am on March 11.
  • If a workflow request uses workflow FO which has setup for 2 days, then after workflow arrives to a user's inbox and no action has been taken for 2 days, then it sends a first reminder.
    If the user continues to not take any action, then the next reminder will be sent after 2 more days.
    If in between, for example the user comments on the workflow, then we treat that as if some action has been taken and the clock restarts ticking - we do not send reminder for next 2 days (from the time the action has been taken).


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