2079468 - Optimistic Locking - Multiple users editing the same record

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2079468 - Optimistic Locking - Multiple users editing the same record


  • This article discusses the system behavior when multiple users are editing the same record at the same time.
  • How will the system respond to multiple users updating the same record at the same time?


Employee Central - Optimistic Locking 


  • If two users are editing a record at the same time, it becomes a case of “first change wins”. That is, the first user’s changes will be applied, but the second user will receive an error message and will have to refresh the screen and submit their changes again once the first user is finished.

  • This restriction is called optimistic locking, and ensures that no conflicting changes can be made at the same time. Optimistic locking will also ensure that no two users can make change to the BCUI (Manage Business Configuration) at the same time. This fix was introduced in the b1708 release and it prevents data from being corrupted or invalidated when multiple users try to update the same object in the database.

  • MDF optimistic locking is supported for the following objects and EC HRIS Elements and is also supported for MDF services like Imports and OData:

    MDF Objects:
    1. Sequence
    2. Position
    3. Department
    4. Division
    5. BusinessUnit

    HRIS Elements:
    1. Job Information
    2. Compensation Information

  • In the b1708 release an Optimistic locking feature was introduced for Termination workflows.
    Validations were introduced to disallow creation of a duplication termination workflow during UI termination and termination info upload.


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