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2078742 - PM v12 - Ratings and Comments of Previous Manager Move to New Manager - Performance Management


  • Why are the previous manager's comments and ratings shown as the new managers comments and ratings when we transfer the employee?
  • The Previous managers comments/ratings will automatically populate into the new managers comments and ratings on the form after Manager Transfer
  • This Article describes the behavior of the pmv12 form when there is a Manager Transfer in the following cases:
  • Two previous manager transfers.
  • Form routed to the manager for the 2nd time or more


  • Performance Management


  • In the Modify Stage the previous managers’ comments and ratings automatically populate into the new managers comments and ratings after a manager transfer. This is expected behavior.
  • The previous managers comments and current managers comments will therefore be exactly the same immediately after the transfer..
  • The current manager is required to edit the comments and rating if they feel there is any need to make any changes. In essence the new manager becomes the "owner" of the comments and ratings set by the previous manager, and has the choice to leave them as is, or make further changes.


  • Note: If the form remains in the same step, and successive manager transfers occur for the same employee while in this step, only the current manager and the previous managers comments and ratings will be preserved. If by chance an employee had 2 or more manager chances during the time the form sits in this step the earlier managers names will be lost and not displayed in the 'Others" tab. While it is common for an employee to have 1 manager change, it is highly unusual and unlikely that an employee would have multiple manager changes so the system is not designed to support this unlikely event by retaining every previous managers ratings and comments.


  • Additional Scenario – The form gets routed to the Previous Manger Twice
    The same logic as described above also applies if the form is routed in an uncommon scenario where you route it backwards twice to a previous manager.
    Employee - Felica Ford
    Old Manager – Bill Burns
    Current Manager – Donald Donalds
  • The form is routed as usual to the Original/Old Manager – Bill Burns who evaluates the employee
  • There is a manager transfer to Donald Donalds  wherein we may view the ratings and comments of Bill Burns under others rating and comments which will also duplicate as the current managers comments and ratings that should be edited by the current manager – Donald Donalds.
  • The form is routed to the employee who disagrees with the new managers’  comments.
  • The admin routes the form back to the old manager - Bill Burns who now becomes the current manager and Donald Donalds becomes the previous manager, thus not showing the very first comments of Bill Burns.


  • Since this scenario involves the unlikely event of the admin routing a form out of the normal workflow the system also is working as designed, so clients are asked to carefully consider the impacts of out-of-turn routing forced by the admin.



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