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2078719 - Performance Management: PM V12 Acceleration: Validate and Approve Tool


  • This Article describes the first step in PM V12 Acceleration.  Validating your existing templates for compatibility with PMv12 Acceleration


  • Performance Management


As we move into increased feature support for our V12 performance manager forms including many features and configuration options of PM v11 were not previously available in the PM v12 UI, we have created a way for these features to be added seamlessly via the user interface. This is known as the Validation and Approve  tool that can be accessible via Manage templates


How to Use:

  1. This tool is accessed via admin tools->manage templates
  2. Once in Manage templates, select Performance and select the template you wish to update with the Acceleration features.
  3. Once you have opened the template, you will observe to the left of the page a subtab called Validate and Approve for PM v12 Acceleration. Click on this tab.




4. This tool will make a copy of your original template and configure it for compatibility with the PM v12 Acceleration upgrades. The original template will be set to "disabled" but will still be accessible from Manage Templates when the "Show Active Templates Only" filter is unchecked.

    1. Please note: If you still needed to use the original template, or that template is still in use, then it may not be best to convert it at this time, as a template set as disabled will be impact functionality.
    2. Tip: If you do need to finish a cycle with this older template, make a copy of it first (before you convert it). then leave the original template and cycle in place, and then proceed by converting the newer copy of the PMv11 template. This would prevent impacts to the current cycle.

5. To review the compatibility changes needed, use the General Settings and Edit Fields and Sections tabs to the left to see a list for each section(see example below). You can also view all compatibility changes by clicking "Print list of changes".




6.  When you click "Update and Edit" most changes will be made automatically. Any changes that need further editing or review will be highlighted in the General Settings and Edit Fields and Sections tabs to the left.
7.  When you are done with all editing, click "Approve for Launch" to make this template available for launch.




Validation Messages

  • When you validate the old template you are going to see many validation messages. Seeing so many may concern you, however many are informational only.
  • For example, one of the first items is about your template version number. This message can be ignored and has no significance in the upgrade process.
  • You will also see many messages about "Obsoleted Features". These too can be ignored. We provide you these messages, only because your template does have xml references to features that are no longer used in the product. Most customers have been copying their templates from one year to the next, and simply never saw the xml code or needed to worry about what xml tags may or may not still be functional. Also when you were setup, we often just start with a copy of an existing template, which again is why your template still has old tags in it.
  • Seeing a message about the obsoleted tags should not be a concern and you can just ignore those. Why? Because the feature is already obsoleted and clients have no control over this going forward. Most have long been obsoleted and should have no negative impact on the upgrade.
  • We remind admins that thorough testing must be performed to evaluate program behavior. Only thorough testing can ensure that any obsoleted features or changes you need to make do not negatively impact your next cycle.


Evaluation Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a knowledge article that explains in much detail all the dependencies you need to consider as well as an ever growing list of FAQs that clients like you are asking:Performance Management: PM v12 - Evaluation Guide and Top FAQs On PMv12


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