2078699 - Routing - The Iterative Review Process (I Step) - Performance Management

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2078699 - Routing - The Iterative Review Process (I Step) - Performance Management


  • The iterative review process allows the manager and employee to participate equally in the review.


  • Performance Management


  • In your route map an iterative step between a manager and employee would be set as: I E EM.
  • The review form is sent back-and-forth between the manager and the employee multiple times, with both parties allowed to view and edit the form. Only after both parties are satisfied with the review content, is the form considered complete and ready for signature.
  • This back-and-forth iterative process fosters a flexible exchange of feedback between manager and employee throughout the review period by providing a live document that allows for planning, setting expectations and periodic check-ins and documentation.


Prevent Step If Role Does Not Exist

  • Is it possible to have a step in the performance route map that is conditional based on whether the a role exists for the subject? 
    For example, I have an iterative step between the manager and employee for self-assessment and would like to add a second step that would be collaborative between the manager and matrix manager.  If there is no matrix manager,  we want this second step to be skipped entirely (otherwise the solid manager just gets the form again with no perceived purpose)..
  • Yes, you need to check the routing map option ' Only create iterative and collaborative steps when all roles exist for a user' (found under the Route Map name).


Troubleshooting Users Missing in Iterative Steps



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