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2078689 - Ratings - Too New to Rate in Rating Scale - unrated-rating - Performance Management


  • This article explains how you can leverage the option unrated-rating to prevent unrated scores from negatively impacting your overall ratings. Typically an unrated rating is going to lower overall performance. Using unrated-rating will eliminate this behavior.
  • How do I prevent my overall ratings from being lowered by unrated ratings?
  • How can we put in a rating of "Too new to rate" that does NOT affect averages in reporting and dashboards?


  • Performance Management


  • Optional Unrated-Rating Values (e.g. for ‘too new to rate’)

  • Try the "unrated-rating" tag, similar to the "default-rating" tag. This option allows a response that would be recognized (for the purpose of filling the need for a required rating) but NOT count as a rating with a numeric value (so it would not affect the scoring and averages). So you'd have both a "default-rating" (such as "Unrated" or "Select one…") and an "unrated-rating" response choice (such as "Too new to rate").
  • If your form template is not currently configured to use this option and you would like this change made, please open a support case and submit a Change Request (CCOR) to have this added to your rating scales.
  • Note: On A Compensation Worksheet - When unrated-rating (too new to rate) is feed into a compensation worksheet the value will display as Unrated. Currently it is not possible to have the comp worksheet display the rating label for unrated-ratings from a PM form. (CMP-1975)
  • When added to your PM form rating scale this optional rating is treated as unrated like the <default-rating> in terms of rating value.




<default-rating>Choose One</default-rating>

<unrated-rating>Too New to Rate</unrated-rating>


Given a scale like this:


1.0 Does Not Meet

2.0 Meets

3.0 Exceeds


You will see the following rating scale display on form:


Choose One

Too New to Rate

1.0 Does Not Meet

2.0 Meets

3.0 Exceeds


Or the following if show-value is set to false in the section scale then the numeric value is hidden:


Choose One

Too new to rate

Does Not Meet




  • Then the user can either leave it unchanged or select a rating.  If left unchanged, it will show "Choose One" and the actual rating will be null (unrated).  If the "Too new to rate" is selected the actual rating will be treated as null and unrated as well.


  • In Document Export, <default-rating> is still being exported as a blank value in the rating column.  If <unrated-rating> is explicitly selected, then its string value is being exported as the rating in the rating column.


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