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2078687 - Top 10 FAQs and Evaluation Guide for PMv12 Acceleration - Performance Management


News Update as of September 2015

Clients wishing to upgrade PM v11 templates now need to upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration, our latest iteration of PMv12. We do NOT support upgrading to older PMv12. This conversion requires assistance via Support which is described below.

PM v12A is a better way to handle performance reviews. PM v12 Acceleration brings together the great features of both PMv11 and PMv12.

Some positives to consider..

  • Over 1500 clients are now successfully using a version of PMv12.
  • All new clients will by default be implemented with PMv12 Acceleration.
  • PMv12 Acceleration is a suitable replacement for all clients, even those with highly customized processes.
  • PMv12 architecture is now entering its 3rd year of maturity, built on top of PM v11 which had 10+ years of maturity.
  • Development going forward is focused only on PMv12 Acceleration.
  • 2014 & 2015 saw major leaps forward in PMv12 functionality based on customer input.
  • PMv11 is no longer under development and is in maintenance mode.


  • Performance Management
  • PM v12
  • PM v12A
  • PM v11


Considerations and Dependencies: It is not possible to say categorically what each client will need to consider, as every client has a unique implementation and business process, and therefore uses the product differently from another client. For that reason we have put together a list of items for you to carefully consider. Many clients will need to invest additional effort to ensure all their supporting processes relative to the template are updated.

  • Once you upgrade an instance to PM v12 Acceleration you cannot revert back to PM v11 or PM v12.
  • Think of this as starting from scratch with a brand new template, and therefore think about every aspect of your performance cycle that may also now need to  be updated, just as you had done when implementing the current process.
  • As this is in reality a new template it will have a new and separate template ID, and be listed in your list of templates as such.

  • Timing
    • You can upgrade a template mid-cycle if you will not be launching any new forms for this cycle based on the old/existing template. Be assured that any PMv11 or old PMv12 In-progress forms are not affected and will be able to complete their natural life-cyle without being impacted.
    • You should not upgrade a template mid-cycle if the old/existing template is still in use and you need to continue launching forms using the old template, as that will not be possible.
      • Do you launch forms for new hires throughout the year with this template, that are part the current cycle? If so then you will need to plan a lockout period or end-date.
      • If people do not all get forms at same time at start of cycle, but each person gets them randomly all year. If so you will need to plan a lockout period or end date to switch.
      • It makes most sense to upgrade and launch as a new cycle (for example for 2016), as you typically check for all of the following items in any new cycle anyway.

  • Update your Dashboards & Reports
    • Existing Dashboard and list view reports that reference the old template are not automatically updated. You will need to set up new dashboard "processes" to reference the new template
    • Any custom reports that reference the old template will now need to be upgraded to refer to new template

  • Update Automated Jobs
    • Any automated export jobs based on old template will not work with new template. You will need to setup new export jobs for the new template.

  • Update Template Rating Permissions
    • Other’s Rating Tab Permission must be set. For clients using old PMv12 this is a new behavior so you may need to add in this extra permission for new PMv12.
    • Official Rating Settings must be changed. For clients using older version of PMv12 we are reverting back to PMv11 rating method away from Official Rating concept originally introduced. This was done by popular demand.

  • Update Templates and Connected Programs
    • If your PM form connects to compensation, then you will need to reference the new template ID when updating your compensation program.
    • You may need to also create a new goal plan so that the new PM template links to new goal plan and not the same goal plan as old PM template was linked to, as that could cause data conflict. (You normally do this for each new cycle anyway)


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the End-of-Life (retirement) for PM v11 or PM v12 planned?

  • Q2 2019


Is PM v12A Included in the Planned Universal Upgrades?


  • Not yet but all customers will be automatically upgraded to PMv12A at the retirement date of Q2 2019.  All customers should request the upgrade via support and the steps described throughout this article prior to the retirement date.


What Options are Supported Today?

As of B1508 almost all features from PMv11 and PMv12 are now available in PMv12 Acceleration. 

For this reason we do not list individually list what is supported, rather list only those few options not yet supported.


What is Not Currently Supported in PMv12 Acceleration? 


Can you give us a definitive feature list?


What is the no.1 issue customers have when upgrading?

The no.1 issue by far that customers have experienced, are configuration type issues, where they only discovered a behavior they did not want or expect after already launching forms to end users. The vast majority of these could have been prevented by more substantial testing before launching live forms, and by spending more time time in the conversion and testing phase to find these incorrect settings, and correct these before launching. This is why we provde substantial materials in this knowledge base to help administrators setup their programs, change settings, and test the functionality. Guides can be found here: 2075886 - Admin Guide - Preparing for a New Cycle


Can we upgrade to the older PMv12?

No. We only support upgrading to PMv12 Acceleration going forward. All clients on the older PMv12 version will need to upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration.


Will in-progress (live) forms be affected?

No. All in-process and completed forms will look and behave the same way they did before the upgrade. This goes for PM v11 and PM v12 forms.

However, you will not be able to launch any more forms using any of the old templates in this instance once support enables PMv12A (This means that if ANY of your current cycles do still need to keep launching forms off the old templates, you will not be able to proceed at this time.)


What is the cost?

There is no cost for clients that already have Performance Management. There is no additional license fee. The only costs will be for those clients that require consultancy and assistance to upgrade due to the complexity of their processes and configurations. We do provide a conversion tool to enable clients with standard configurations to convert their own templates for free: see Validation Tool

Customers also have the option to start from scratch by downloading the free templates via SuccessStore, and then using Admin Tools, configure the template based on the features currently available and supported. This is all free, and recommened as it will result in you having a template and process that is fully supported for free via admin tools, that your admins can maintain without any need for support to manage via back-end processes. 


Q. Will I need to create new PM v12 Acceleration templates or can I use my current ones?

A: You will have the ability to update your PM v11 or PM v12 template to a PM v12 Acceleration template using our Validation Utility.  After you have upgraded to PMv12 Acceleration you would then bring up your current PM v11 or PM v12 template through Admin Tools => Performance Management => Manage Templates.  You will see a new Validation Tool option that will allow the current template to be cloned and updated to be compatible with PM v12 Acceleration. You can also start from sctatch using our SuccessStore templates.


Q. Which templates do we need to upgrade?

A: Only those you are currently using going forward. Older templates from previous years will not require any action.

 Q. Will my existing PM v12 templates stay exactly the same?

A few things will change. One is that Official Rating configurations will have to be converted to Rating Options + Field Permissions. Also the Rating of Record field will be a visible field in the form, hideable and permissionable as desired. Please ensure you invest the time to test and set these ratings options after your conversion. We provide a document on how to convert these in the community.

Q. Will my existing PM v11 templates stay exactly the same?

No. The UI of your forms will be updated to the PM v12 UI, including side-by-side ratings as well as Pods at the top of the form.


Q. After a template is upgraded, is it the same template?

A: No. Technically you are creating a brand new copy of the old template, so consider it a separate template. Therefore you will need to consider all aspects of your process that need to be updated when you created new templates.


Q. Will I need a CS or PS engagement to upgrade to PM v12 Acceleration?

This all depends on each clients needs, and capabilites of the admin performing the upgrade. Many trained admins will not require PS assistance. Clients with very unique configurations, or where the admin does not have configuration training are recommended to engage via PS. One rule of thumb is; if you used PS to setup and configure the current processes, then you probably will want to work with them again. If you created your templates youself via admin tools, then you probably can convert these yourself via admin tools, or simply create a new one from the SuccessStore.


Q. How do I upgrade a template?
We provide step by step instruction for administrators trained on performing configuration changes using Admin Tools at: Performance Management: PM V12 Acceleration: Validate and Approve Tool. Not all administrators may feel comfortable performaning this technical work and may wish to have this done via our Professional Services team.

Q. What if I don’t like PM v12 Acceleration? Can I turn it back off?

No. This is a one-way upgrade only. Please review all documentation carefully before deciding to upgrade. We may be able to revert a TEST instance since that has no risk of impacting production data, but this is an involved process, not a switch.


Q. Can Cloud Product Support enable this for us for free?
A: Yes, Customer Support will first evaluate your setup and also work with you to answer a few questions to confirm you are ready to upgrade. We then enable PM v12A for your instance.

We do not however upgrade your actual templates, as that is an admin task. Customers that have standard templates that do not have special customizations should be able to complete this easily without Support via Admin Tools. For clients with more complex customizations and processes, there may be some professional services needs.   Cloud Product Support can answer basic questions on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to our main solution that explains what can be provided via Support vs. Professional Services.


Q. If we can't rollback our instance can we get a sandbox or second test instance then? We use our test instance for many things.

Support is unable to help you obtain sandbox instances. These are not typically provided for customers with a test instance since the purpose of the free test instance is for projects like this. Please speak with your sales account manager for more information and costs on obtaining additional test instances.


Q. We use Professional Edition. Do we need to upgrade at this time? 

Yes, we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible if you are not already using PMv12 Acceleration.  Many PE clients are already choosing to make the upgrade for free as it is quick & easy for PE versions.

It is good to know, that since all PE customers use standard functionality, you are excellent candidates for completing the conversoin via admin tools without any need for Professional Services.


Q: Is training required for customers?

 We provide many knowledge articles in this portal on how to use this version. Some clients may wish to provide end-user training so that the new features are understood, but the features should hopefully be somewhat intuitive. Note:  Please engage paid consultants for training on PMv12A. Support can answer individual questions on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Is data migration required for existing customers?

A: No migration is needed for existing customers, as both PM v11 (classic Performance Management) and PM v12A forms will co-exist in an instance. When you’re ready to implement PM v12A, you’ll create a new form in the PM v12A format using the Validate Tool and use that form for the next review cycle.

Q: Can the PM v12 form be configured in SuccessFactory?

A: No. SuccessFactory is no longer supported. We do not recommend customers use this tool anymore. There are two options for configuration: either use a template from the SuccessStore and customize it in the Admin Tools Manage Templates tool, or for more complex processes, work with Professional Services.


Q: How many modify steps can we have in a PM v12A Route Map?

A: Like any version there’s no limit to the number of modify steps you can have in your workflows. However, currently you can only display 3 in the Team Overview interface. Team Overview by name is only an overview and is not meant to support the display of a longer overall performance management process, but provide laser-focus to managers as they shepherd the final focal review process.


Q: Can I format the Ask for Feedback email?

A: Yes, an admin can edit the company-wide template for Ask for Feedback emails and users can edit each individual email before it’s sent out.


Q: Will the review subject ever see an Ask for Feedback email response?

A: No, the employee does not currently have access to the Ask for Feedback responses, either in the form, in a print out, or in reports. We are considering expanding this feature in the future.


Q: Are there differences in how ratings work in PMv12 Acceleration?

A: Yes, there have been a number of changes overall in the area of ratings. Please review the following knowledge article that covers this topic in detail > Performance Management: PM v12A - Ratings - All about ratings in PM v12A Forms


Q: Does PM v12A support label-only ratings? Do I have to use stars for ratings?

A: Yes, PM v12A supports label-only ratings. And if you don’t like stars, now we have an option for using circles instead.


Q: Can a manager see both direct and indirect reports in Team Overview and Team Rater?

A: Yes, a manager will see all reports on the Team Overview and Team Rater interfaces, if they are on the form route map as wither EM or EX.


Q: We have Revolution UI (v12). Can we have v11 and v12 PM forms active at the same time and are we able to launch each separately for different groups?

A: Yes and No. Yes, any forms already launched will not be impacted in any way. But once you upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration you will no longer be able to launch new forms based on the older PMv11 templates. 


Q: Can we link existing goal plans to PM v12A forms? 

A: Yes. All goal planning functionality that was supported in previous versions are supported in PM v12A


Where can I get more information on upgrading to PMv12 Acceleration?

Our product managers have a community forum where you can post questions for them to answer. Plus they also have made a number of supporting documents available for you in this community. Goto:  Performance and Goals Product Resources




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