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2078684 - Routing - Steps for Active Users Disappearing from Route Map - Performance Management


  • People are not showing in the route map. The entire step is missing from the route map shown at the top of the form. The people are in the system and are active so should be in the workflow.


  • Performance Management

Reproducing the Issue

  • The missing person in your route map could be anyone, but in this example we will simply use the employee step  (E) as this is the most common example.


  • Whenever an employee either tries to create a PM form for themselves, or through mass create, it removes the employee from the route map, even though they are listed as active.

    For example, we have a PM form with the following route map:


  • When we create the PM form for an active employee, the employee is removed from the route map. As you can see below, only the manager step remains because the system does not recognize the employee as active:




  • This behavior is caused by the employee not belonging to the default permission group  which controls basic functionality. Even though the employee is active in the system, they do not have the basic permissions which would identify them on a forms’ route map.


  • If you are Non-RBP then make sure the users belong to the Default User Group permission.
  • If you use Role Based Permissions (RBP) you need to ensure the users belong to the default permission group. You may need to deactivate the user and reactivate the user to ensure they are added to this group. If this does not work you may need our engineering group to correct this on the back end via a custom solution to add these employees to the default group permission. Please open a case with Customer Success.


Invalid or Inactive User:

  1. Behavior = Random failures. Impossible to define any logical cause as to why some steps seem to disappear while others are ok since this is a data issue. Preventable by ensuring all data changes are properly ordered and users in a route map are set as ACTIVE at time of transfer and belong to the default user group permissions.
  2. An Invalid user is any person who cannot log into the system.
    1. If you as a user are set as ACTIVE but your manager was set as INACTIVE at the point in time, then you cannot log into the system. If you cannot log into the system our system knows this and will therefore skip you in the route map.
    2. If you are not in the default user group you will be considered inactive and not part of the workflow.
  3. Please keep in mind this logic applies at the exact time of transfer. So while your data file may have you active today, if you were not at the exact time form was routed, issue already occurred.


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