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2078680 - Statements - Combined Statement Viewing Permissions - Variable Pay


  • Customers may assign groups of employees to Variable Pay or Combined statement templates and set unique viewing permissions for each group.  From within one plan, customer may assign Statement 1 to merit recipients, Statement 2 to bonus recipients, and Statement 3 to merit & bonus recipients.


  • Variable Pay


  • Configuration Steps: If your process requires statement information to be pulled from completed Variable Pay forms as this functionality needs to be turned on.  This can be turned on in provisioning under “Included only Completed Variable Pay forms for Variable Pay Personal Statements and Combined Statements generation”. Detailed slides follow on how to administer new functionality.
  • Go to Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for all Plans => Manage Statement Templates.

    Statement template type must be selected at time of import.


  •  Actions for all Plans > Default Permissions

    Onscreen default permission settings added for Variable Pay and Combined Statement Templates (Actions for all Plans)



Generating Statements for All Forms or for Completed Forms Only

  • If your instance is only generating statements for people with completed forms, or if you want to restrict it to this then this can be changed. There is an implementation setting only available to support. This can control whether you print only completed forms, or all forms. To enable completed only statements please open a case with Customer Support and request the feature be enabled/disabled according to your needs (it is enabled to include only completed by default): Provisioning > Company Settings > "Include only completed variable pay forms for variable pay personal statements and combined statements generation".


Benefits of the Feature

  • One global statement template; Different employee groups and  reward communication timelines.


  • Statement template by region/group of employees.

 Spanish/English compensation statement template;
 Spanish/English Varpay template;
 Spanish/English combined statement template;

 One statement template for employees above a specific level  across all geographies and divisions.


Print compensation statements only for employees receiving merit or adjustment increases. 
The Admin has a list of 10 employees who are eligible for an increase, but due to performance issues will not receive a salary action this year.  Admin assigns all  employees to a template using hire date eligibility rules, but also creates an excluded group and adds the 10 employee names to this group.  Statements are suppressed for these 10 employees.
The date is February 1.  Company offers an incentive bonus to employees who are actively employed on December 31st of each year. 
Five employees leave the company after December 31st, and the Admin wishes to generate statements for these employees and mail them to their homes.  Inactive employees cannot be assigned to groups; however,  statements may be automatically be generated  for inactive employees from the default statement template.


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