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  • This article gives an overview of Performance management v12 (PM 2.0)
  • How can you get Performance Management v12?
  • What are the requirements for PM v12?
  • Do we have to pay for PM v12 or is it free?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Performance Management


Performance Management v12 now 3 years Old!

Now a maturing product 3 years young, PMv12 puts a renewed focus on the many activities your managers handle. Performance Management v12 organizes the entire performance review process around a busy manager’s day. It’s now incredibly easy to log in and instantly get an understanding of the team’s progress as well as their performance ratings. With Performance Management v12, the entire review process is accessible to the manager to work with individual employees or with the entire team.

PM v12 is not just a small upgrade from PM v11, rather it is a new type of Performance Management Form and introduces many changes that may not work for some clients. Please use our evaluation guide as a starting point to determine if PM v12 is an option to consider.

  • Your instance needs to be on V12 UI. V12 is our latest User Interface and is a free upgrade. This is not the same as PM v12.

  • You can get V12 UI and remain on PMv11 (you do not even need to use PMv12), but you cannot move to PMv12 without first enabling V12 UI.


Get More Perspectives

  • Performance Management v12a makes it easy for managers to find out what other employees think about how their team works with others. With the Get Feedback feature, managers can ask any employee for insight about anyone on the team, right in the middle of the review. Managers can use the additional feedback to provide well-rounded comments to their team.
  • Smarter Review forms
  • The Review forms in Performance Management v12 are optimized to provide the information managers need to give thoughtful feedback. Now managers can provide individual feedback while working in context of their entire team because we know giving individual feedback is only one part of the performance process. Managers can review other people’s feedback, stack-rank their team, and rate in context of the employee’s self-rating all with tools that are never more than a page away from the form they’re working in.


How can you get Performance Management V12A?

  • New clients to SAP SuccessFactors by default are implemented with PMv12a. For new templates you can create these from SuccessStore in Admin Tools.
  • Existing customers can contact support to enable PMv12A for your instance. Please note, this is only enabling the feature, it does NOT include the actual creation of templates or the migration of any existing templates, plans and processes you may have used in the past. That will be additional work as explained below. 


Paid Implementation - Recommended for All Clients

  • We recommend that clients engage our Professional Services team or Partner Services when implementing any new business processes.
  • Professional Services and Partners are able to provide full consultation, guidance, best practices, to gaurantee that any program and template you develop results in a successful cycle.
  • There is much more to a successful Performance Review Cycle than simply downloading a stock  template, and while our frontline support team are happy to answer basic single questions via tickets for advanced administrators familiar with our systems, they are not the right team to be used for setting up a brand new process.
  • The Support Portal/Ticket system is primarily for single question/issue needs, and does not support project based requests like setting up a new PMv12 process.


Free option via Self-Service Tools (for trained administrators only)

  • For existing clients PMv12 can be enabled by contacting Support.
  • To start using a free basic PM Form, download our PMv12 template from Admin Tools > Manage Templates > SuccessStore
    • Important Considerations: While PM v12 can be enabled quickly and easily, this is not to set the expectation that free consultation and configuration advice can be given via standard support calls/chat/tickets. Clients are reminded that engaging via a paid Professional Services or Partner engagement is still a requirement for any client needing implementation advice, configuration assistance, best practice consultation.
    • The self-service tools are made avaiable for fully trained administrators that are competent in configuring and setting up new processes within the SuccessFactors application, to avoid the paid consultation that we recommend clients should use in general.
    • For ANY clients needing training on PM v12, consultation, or to have the default templates customized, a paid Professional Services engagement will be required.


  • Training on PMv12 is provided either via a paid Professional Services engagement, or via SAP Training.
  • Cloud Product Support is not a training organization. Support will be able to answer common questions where we have existing Knowledge Base articles available that we can share with you, but are not available for more in-depth training type webinars or support calls. Please refer to our Cloud Learning Center for available training options.
  • You are able to submit 1 case per how-to question via a support ticket, when you need assistance on a single feature, but this is not an effective alternative to proper training which is required.


Frequently Asked Questions & Evaluation Guide

We have compiled a list of FAQ's and answers that you will want to read in this solution.




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