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2078557 - Variable Pay - Bonus Pay-out Details Report


This KBA explains the use of the Bonus Pay-out Details.

  • How can we get the RDF files for this report to work?
  • Can we include hidden fields within the pay-out report?
  • Can we define a currency output?


  • SuccessFactors Variable Pay


Bonus Pay-out Detail Report RDF

  • When Variable Pay is implemented a client should have the Bonus Pay-out Details report.
    This report requires an RDF to be loaded into the clients instance and is not something a client can load and or update.
    If you require your report to be updated please contact customer support. This report is not configurable.
    Please review KBA 2384884 - How to import the missing standard spreadsheet reports in the instance

Include Hidden Fields checkbox

  • You have the option to include hidden fields within the payout report.
    To do so, when generating the report, select the Include Hidden Fields checkbox. (VRP-1631)

Include Custom Fields

  • It is not possible to define which Custom Fields are included in the Bonus Pay-out Report. 
    The option 'Include Custom Fields' of the Bonus Pay-out Report includes all custom fields created for the template by default.

Define Currency Output

  • You can define currency codes when generating employee history and the bonus pay-out report.

The adminstrator can choose any of the following currency codes:

  1. Functional Currency Code. 
  2. Employee Local Currency Code.
  3. Local Currency – User can define any currency code defined in the currency conversion table.

Troubleshooting Report Issues

  • Bonus Pay-out Report can be run only after form creation - Shows bonus payout per employee per form. Will combine all assignments into one total. This report is used to for payroll.
  • Bonus Pay-out Details Report can be run before Variable Pay Manager Forms are created. This report is used by the Compensation Administrator to validate business goal calculations.
  • Bonus Pay-out Details Report is the Aggregate report (export). Shows multiple “pay items” per employee. Used to prove out assumptions and calculations.

Improve Performance

  • If some reports are slow, please ask support to confirm if we have enabled the latest options to optimize performance for your reports.
    This is Available from Provisioning>Company Settings>Enable Quartz Scheduling for Analytics Reports

Important note about the number format in the reports:

As those reports use the Ad-hoc structure, they retrieve the data directly from the Database. And unlike the data on the worksheets, the values are not formatted in the same way:

- When downloading and opening the reports in Excell, the formating will be done by excel.

- When downloading the .csv version, and opening with some other softwares (like notepad ++), no formatting will take place, and the raw values will be displayed.


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