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  • Bonus Payout Details report RDF.
  • Can we include hidden fields in the Bonus Payout Details report?


  • Variable Pay


Bonus Payout Detail Report RDF

  • When var pay is implemented a client should have the Bonus Payout Details report. This report requires an RDF to be loaded into the clients instance. This is not something that a client can load and or update. If you require your report to be updated please contact customer support. This report is not configurable.


Include Hidden Fields checkbox

  • Bonus Payout Detail Report: You have the option to include hidden fields in this report. To do so, when generating the report, select the Include Hidden Fields checkbox. (VRP-1631)


Include Custom Fields

  • It is not possible to define which Custom Fields are included in the Bonus Payout Report. The option 'Include Custom Fields' of the Bonus Payout Report includes all custom fields created for the template by default.


Define Currency Output

  • You can define currency codes when generating employee history and bonus payout details reports.
  • The admin can chose any of the following currency codes:
    1. Functional Currency Code. 
     Employee Local Currency Code.
    Local Currency – User can define any currency code defined in the currency conversion table.


Troubleshooting Report Issues

  • Bonus Payout Report can be run only after form creation - Shows bonus payout per employee per form. Will combine all assignments into one total. This report is used to for payroll.
  • Bonus Payout Details Report can be run before Variable Pay Manager Forms are created. This report is used by the Compensation Administrator to validate business goal calculations.
  • Bonus Payout Details Report is the Aggregate report (export). Shows multiple “pay items” per employee. Used to prove out assumptions and calculations.


Improve Performance

  • If some reports are slow, please ask support to confirm if we have enabled the latest options to optimize performance for your reports. Available from Provisioning-->Company Settings-->Enable Quartz Scheduling for Analytics Reports

Important note about the number format in the reports:

As those reports use the Ad-hoc structure, they retrieve the data directly from the Database. And unlike the data on the worksheets, the values are not formatted in the same way :

- When downloading and opening the reports in Excell, the formating will be done by excel.

- When downloading the .csv version, and opening with some other softwares (like notepad ++), no formatting will take place, and the raw values will be displayed.


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