2078187 - Plan Setup - Eligibility Rules to Control Members on Plans - Variable Pay

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2078187 - Plan Setup - Eligibility Rules to Control Members on Plans - Variable Pay


  • How to control membership using include-eligible-users-only = "true" and COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE.


  • Variable Pay


  • Configuration option to control inclusion of a member on a Variable Pay Manager form based on an employee having at least one assignment JIRA #: VRP-1817
  • Inclusion on the VP manager form can be based on the COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE flag in user data.

    COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE=TRUE  User appears on form

    COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE = FALSE  User does not appear on form


  • In addition to that check, if the new Opt-In configuration flag is enabled  in the template XML include-eligible-users-only = "true", inclusion of a member on variable Pay Form is based on the member having at least one assignment in the VP program.
    Has an assignment  = Based on the eligibility rules, employee matches to a bonus program (but not necessarily having a bonus calculation).


Configuration Steps:  

  • This is an opt-in change requiring modification to the XML template. Please contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to review and configure this change.

To use once enabled –

  1. Set all users to COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE = TRUE in the user directory import file.
  2. XML Opt-In flag = “TRUE" AND  user has an assignment then is included on the form  
  3. XML Opt-In flag = “TRUE” AND user does NOT have an assignment then NOT included on the form  



  • Employee will not be included in the form irrespective of eligibility data and the new Opt-In configuration. This allows the admin to exclude someone from a form even if the employee has assignments (a typical case would be someone joining a company after cut-off eligibility date and still might have an assignment for that short period.

    ** If the new Opt-In flag in the xml is set to “FALSE”, all users with COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE=TRUE will appear on the forms, regardless of whether they have an assignment (no change in current behavior).


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