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2078173 - Manage Worksheets - Create Worksheets (launching varpay forms) - Variable Pay


  • How to create new worksheets based on your variable pay program/plan. Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Variable Pay Worksheets.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Variable Pay Worksheets.

    (If you are looking for information on how to create the program and set settings click here).


  • Variable Pay


Step 1 – Create Worksheets:

  • Select Admin Tools > Compensation Home > Select correct plan > Manage Worksheets > Create Worksheet.


  • Complete the fields (defined below) and select Create.



(1) Bonus Plan: Enter a worksheet name of your choosing. What is entered here will be the prefix for all forms that are created from this screen. This name will be visible in manager inboxes.

Important! Do not use “slash” characters / or \ in the pre-pend form name, as this could cause issues if form data is exported. Instead, use something such as a “dash” character .

(2) Cycle Dates: Enter the Start Date of the plan (e.g., 01/01/2013) and End Date of the plan (e.g., 12/31/2013). Enter the Due Date of the plan (typically the date by which the bonus planning process should be complete). All three date fields are required. The dates will be visible in the manager inbox. If you enable Document Due and Document Overdue email notifications, emails will be sent based on the Due Date entered here.

(3) Head of Planning: Enter the name of the top person in the hierarchy for whom you would like to create bonus plans. This is typically the CEO. Worksheets will be created for every compensation planner in that hierarchy.

(4) Include Inactive Users: Select this box to include inactive users on the bonus worksheets (otherwise, only active users will be included).

Create worksheet for Head of Planning only: Select this box to create only one form containing the direct reports of the person entered as Head of Hierarchy, rather than forms for all employees from the Head of Hierarchy down through the organization.

Tip! This is a particularly useful option to select when conducting testing, as only a single bonus form will be created.

Send email notification to planner(s): Select this box to send email notifications to worksheet recipient(s). This is only applicable if Document Creation Notification is enabled.


  • After creation, the bonus worksheets will be routed to the Compensation Administrator’s Compensation inbox. After calculations are verified, the worksheet can be routed to the next step.


Step 2 – Review Worksheets:


  • The bonus worksheets can be reviewed by navigating to the Compensation tab of the first user in the workflow, and clicking on the appropriate Form Title:


  • Tip! If data is updated in the employee history editor, and “Calculate Bonus Payout” is re-run, already-created bonus forms will be updated with the new data – a new form does not need to be created.


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