2078151 - PM v12 Acceleration - Pods in PMv12 Acceleration Forms - Performance Management

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2078151 - PM v12 Acceleration - Pods in PMv12 Acceleration Forms - Performance Management


  • Available Pods in a PMv12 form
  • What Pods are available?
  • How do we permission pods?


  • Performance Management
  • PM v12 Acceleration


Configuring Pods in the top bar of the form

All of the pods on the top of the PM v12 form can be configured not to display if so desired.This is done via button permissions in the PM v12 form template, in the fm-meta section of the xml. Each pod will have to be listed individually:

<button-permission type="none">


<button refid="overall-score-pod"/>

<route-step stepid="*"/>



Pod Name Element Name

Overall Score Pod


Incomplete Items Pod


Team Rank Pod


Supporting Information Pod


Gap Analysis Pod





Controlling Section Ratings and Weights in Pod

We can control whether section ratings and weights will be displayed in the summary section and overall score callout. > Use in-summ-display

  • If it is set to false, the ratings and weights for that section will not be displayed in the summary section or the overall score callout.


Controlling if the Rating is Numerical

Using the show-value xml tag we can set the form to show the numerical value of the ratings given, and for the overall score to be a numerical value.

  • If the attribute is set to false, only the text labels that correspond with each numerical rating will show.


Controlling Field Visibility within Pod

The following fields can be permissioned for granular control of visibility:

  • item-rating
  • item-weight
  • manual-overall-rating
  • calc-overall-rating
  • weighted-average


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