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2078134 - Ratings - All about ratings in PM v12 Forms - Performance Management


  • Overview of how ratings work in a PM v12 form.
  • The way, Final Score, raters and ratings work.
  • How ratings work and are displayed in a PMv12 form is very different from a PM v11 form.
  • How to use owner-role attribute. How to make someone an official rater.
  • What is final rating/Final Score and official overall rating in the pm form?
  • Can we customize the mouse over or hover over text that displays when we mouse-over the stars ratings?
  • How to we display labels only?
  • How do we change the stars?


  • PM v12 ONLY
  • If you are on PM v11 or PM v12A plese refer to KBA: 2078766


Others Ratings Tab

PMv12 introduces the "Other's Rating Tab". To learn more about how this fuctions and what configuration options are available for it please refer to: > Performance Management: Ratings - Others Rating Tab


Ratings Display circle icon as rating instead of stars

  • Go to Admin Tools > Performance Management > Manage Templates > Select your template > In General Settings > Click Advanced Settings > Display circle icon as rating > SaveThis is dynamic and will apply to live forms.



Ratings Hide numeric rating values - only show text labels

  • Go to Admin Tools > Performance Management > Manage Templates > Select your template > In the section to change go to Advanced Options (for the summary section go to General Settings) > select Once enabled this will display the ratings as their text label only, for example Excellent or Good. the numerical rating will not display in this section.



Customize the mouse over or hover over text that displays

  • At this time it is not possible to customize the text that appears when you mouse over the rating stars. This text is designed for the visually impaired.

The rating of record is the rating that is used in reports, the export process and the dashboard for competency ratings, objective ratings and the overall rating in Performance Management reviews. At the moment, the employee rating is never the rating of record unless the item-rating is permissioned so that only the employee can enter it.


Star Ratings Showing as Dropdown List

  • Anything more than 7 points will cause the stars to convert to a drop down list. This include the “Too new to rate” rating, if enabled. This means at the most you can use a 5 point scale to see the stars if you are including Too new to rate rating option also in your 5 point scale.You will have to use a smaller scale or leave as is understanding stars will not display for the scale used.
  • Also, if you have a "Lables Only" setup, your rating scale will show as a drop down list only.


What is the Orange Triange Icon

Users whose ratings will become the official rating have this orange triangle icon to indicate this. In the modify stage, other users will NOT see any indication of which rating becomes the rating of record.

Converting Official Rating Configurations to Rating Options for PM v12 Acceleration

Job Aid for PM v12 Customers Upgrading to PM v12 Acceleration
PM v12 Customers whose templates include configurations for any role other than the direct manager (EM) role to determine the official rating of record will need to pay special attention to the PM v12 Acceleration template validation process. We have made the following guide available to administrators who have been trained in configuraiton changes to use in the upgrade process. We recommend those admins who are not trained in template configuration to engage via Professional Services.

Attachment Converting Official Rating Configurations to Rating Options for PM v12 Acceleration.pdf ‏



 PM v12: Ratings (This does not apply to PM v12A or PM v11)


  • In the Modify Stage, the logged-in user ALWAYS sees his/her ratings & comments on the left side of the form
  • In all stages, other users’ ratings and comments are viewable on the right side of the form, but usually you have to click to find them.
  • PM v12 supports the owner-role attribute, which means you can set field permissions not only by role and step, but by which user’s “copy” of the field you’re Permissioning.
    • Owner-role is supported for the following rating fields:
    • Item-rating
    • Section-rating
    • Manual-overall-rating
    • Calculated-overall-rating
  • Official Rating is NOT a rating that a logged-in user can “read” in the Modify Stage, only “write.”
  • Each user will rate an item in his/her own rating field
  • The rating for users who have “write” permission will be copied to the official rating field
  • The official rating field is never displayed in the Modify stage. However, the official rating will be copied into the rating field of the next user with official rating “write” permission
  • The manager's official overall score may NOT be the same as the forms Official Overall Score since other managers may be able to add in their ratings which impact form official rating.




Final Score - Final Rating


It’s important to note that ONLY the users whose ratings will become the official rating have the orange alert icon to indicate this. In the modify stage, other users will NOT see any indication of which rating becomes the rating of record. See more info..


  • Final Score: Once form goes into the signature steps official overall rating is displayed as Final Score in both the Rating Pod as well as in the Performance Summary section.
  • By default the employee can see everyone else's overall scores unless you restrict these by adding code for owner-role permissions.
  • Final Score ratings with half star (e.g. 1.5 are not supported in PMv12A (acceleration).
  • More information on Final Scores..






Changing the default role to something other than the Manager's rating.

  • PMv12 only: You have the option to choose which role adds the official rating on the form. Previously, only the Employee's Manager (EM) role's rating was used. You can specify any role. To do so, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your form template updated.This will require a CCOR and can be done for free.
Sample Code for Changing Official Rating/Rating of Record

In PMv12 (not PM v12A) the official-rating-permission can be configured by role and by step, to control who can see and who can write to the rating of record for a form section. It is configured just as any other field permission is configured:

<official-rating-permission type="read">
<route-step stepid="*"/>

<official-rating-permission type="read">

<official-rating-permission type="write">


This xml configuration grants read permission for the E in any step, read permission for any other unspecified roles in any step, and write permission for the EM and EH.

The default configuration for any PM v12 form is:


<official-rating-permission type="read">
<route-step stepid="*"/>

<official-rating-permission type="write">
<route-step stepid="*"/>





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