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2078048 - PM V11 End of Life Support - XML Program Changes for PM v11 Templates - Upgrading to PM v12 Acceleration - Performance Management


  • Do you support xml changes via support for PM v11 templates?
  • Why upgrade PM v11 Performance Management to PM v12A
  • PM v11 is our legacy version of performance management forms. Information on the future road map for PM v11.
  • Who can make XML changes for our older programs?


  • Performance Management


PM v11 Nearing End of Life

Following are common questions from customers on the subject of ongoing support for PM v11 templates. When does support end for PM v11 and who can make program xml changes for you while you continue to use older PM v11 templates.


Do we need to move off PM v11?

  • Yes.  As the End of Maintenance and Retirements dates are approaching, we recommend all customers upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration as soon as possible. 

Do we still fully support existing PMv11 programs as is?

  • Yes. Cloud product support will continue to provide standard how-to support on your existing programs and launched forms as currently designed.
  • This does NOT include changing or editing the program or its XML code.
  • (Please keep in mind, PMv12A enables you to manage the programs for free via Admin Tools whereas PM v11 does not, which is why we encourage all customers that want to avoid PS/Partner costs to upgrade.)


Do we still support defects for PM v11 programs as is?

  • Yes, but not all issues. Major issues and defects caused by our quarterly releases may be fixed by code releases if it impacts most customers.
  • We may not address individual issues only affecting 1 or a small number of customers based on legacy PM v11 code.
  • Should you encounter defects based on SAP quarterly releases in your existing live forms, support will review the issue to determine if a code fix is possible. This does not include code enhancements, or low priority issues that have workarounds, or that do not impact the ability to complete the cycle.
  • As development for PM v11 ceased in 2013, each passing quarter increases the liklihood that older programs can develop bugs that will NOT be corrected by engineering the closer we move to full end-of-life.
  • As it is, most general issues are no longer fixed in PM v11, and enhancements are only deployed to PM v12A.


Is there an end of life date set?

  • PM v11 and old PM v12 End Of Maintenance is planned for the Q2 2018 release cycle (no patches will be made after Q2 2018 Production release date)
  • End-of-Life (Retirement) is planned for the Q2 2019 release cycle. Form Launches for these two versions will no longer be supported. We encourage all customers still on PM v11 to consider moving to PM v12A ASAP

Important Updates:

  • While maintenance will continue until Q2 2018, our primary focus will be on PM v12A. All PM v11 and old PM v12 issues will be thoroughly reviewed and only critical issues will be resolved.  

What if we want to stay on PM v11 and also want to change the templates to relaunch the program? 

  • Yes, you can relaunch PMv11 templates until the retirement date but we strongly recommend that you upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration as soon as possible.
  • No, Cloud Product Support no longer processes program and XML changes for free via CCOR and incidents for PM v11 templates. 

Can I submit CCOR xml change requests via support as I have done in the past for my PM v11 templates? 

  • No. Product Support is no longer the channel to submit change requests for templates based on the old PM v11 framework. (Historically referred to as CCOR process)
  • We have invested our resources into developing PM v12A for you which allows you to manage your programs for free via Admin Tools.
  • PM v12 Acceleration has now been out for a number of years and a majority of customers have already upgraded to a PMv12 Acceleration based program. 

PM v12A Info

  • PM v12 Acceleration has been available now since 2013 and a majority of customers have already upgraded to a PMv12 Acceleration based program, making PM v11 legacy.
  • PM V12A allows customers to make most of their own changes to programs for free via admin tools.
  • Please refer to our knowledge article.Performance Management: PM v12 Acceleration - Top 10 FAQs On PMv12A. Answers to FAQs support has had to date from clients upgrading.




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