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2077951 - Manage Templates - Use sync-until-completion to Sync or Freeze Employee Information on a Form - Performance Management


  • How to Freeze Employee Information on a Form so that it does not update should the data change in a user import file. sync-until-completion
  • How to I enable employee information to remain in sync with user import data?
  • My last name changed, how do we update that on the performance form?


Performance Management


By default a form does not require any special tag to remain in-sync with user import data. If however employee data, such as Last Name is not updating as expected you may need to check the template xml for the element tag sync-until-completion="false". By default the system treats it as though sync-until-completion="true" for any element unless change to false.

  • The form needs to be opened and saved to pull in the updated values
  • Once a change has occurred we cannot disable or reverse the option on live forms
  • Once forms are completed they will not update with new information.

If you do not want data on a form to change you would then need to add the tag sync-until-completion="false" to each element that is not to be updated with current employee data. Using this tag, the form will populate with the current data upon creation, but would not change during its lifecycle.

If you would like SuccessFactors to make this configuration change for you please open a support request with Product Support. Please see this KB Article to know the scopes of Product Support when it comes to Software Change Requests. KB Article 2250186 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Requests for PM / Mutli-Rater Templates / Performance Processes and what is an Implementation Request in Performance Management / Multi-Rater


Reporting on Values that Existed When Launched

  • Ad Hoc Reports: You can report on users’ information as it was at the time the forms were launched for:  Manager, Division, Department and Location fields. To report on historical Employee Info, each field must be set to “sync until completion = false.”   If the form template requires updating, reporting on historical Employee Information will be possible on newly launched forms only.
  • You need to add the following columns in your ad hoc report to capture the user information data when the form was launched:

          Manager at Form Complete
          Division at Form Complete
          Department at Form Complete
          Location at Form Complete

at form complete.PNG


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