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Info about the RTE Toolbar:


Q:  How do I enable the Rich Text Editor for PM and 360 forms? 

A:  First, a Successfactors employee or partner will go to Provisioning>Company Settings >Rich text editor for PM and 360.  Check the box and the ability to enable the feature on the form template level is enabled.  An end user with Admin permissions can then go to Admin Center>Performance Management>Form Template Settings>[TEMPLATE NAME]>Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields.  The Admin can switch “on” the RTE for individual form templates.


When the checkbox in Provisioning>Company Settings >Rich text editor for PM and 360 is selected, then “Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields” in Admin Center will appear.  If the checkbox in Provisioning is then unchecked, then the option in Admin Center will disappear.  To disable the feature in the instance, be sure to uncheck the option in Admin Center.


Sanitize all rich text inputs

  • We recommend you enable the option in Admin Center>Company Settings>Company System & Logo Settings>Sanitize all rich text inputs. When users copy and paste info from word or other programs, it can contain bad HTML code and formatting not supported by the system. This in turn when pasted into your form can break your forms. This feature helps prevent that from happening by stripping out bad data we detect.
  • We recommend clients also request support to enable the feature "Rich text editor gives confirmation cleanup on text pasted from MS-Word" for their instance when you use RTE. This feature works with PM forms and will eliminate most of the issues introduced by people pasting bad data into text fields.
  • When a user copies data from Word, Excel or some other webpage and pastes it into their review, it can contain bad data and cause forms to break or behave incorrectly.


Q:  What happens if I uncheck “Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields” for a form template in Admin Center?

A:  Existing forms that contain comment fields that were saved with Rich Text elements will be switched to Plain Text. 


Q:  What is the default setting for the checkbox “Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields” for a form template in Admin Center?

A:  The default setting is “off,” or “unchecked.”  


Q:  Are the available Rich Text buttons (Bold, Italic, Bullets, etc.) configurable?  Can you turn Bold on and Italic off, for example? 

A:  No.  The Rich Text buttons are not configurable. 


Q:  How will comments created with Rich Text elements appear when exported via Detailed Document Search in Excel and v4e formats?

A:  The comments will appear in Plain Text format.  Rich Text elements will not appear.    


Q:  How will 360 form comments created with Rich Text elements appear in the 360 Detailed Report?

A:  The comments will appear in Rich Text format.


Q:  Let’s say I am a company that used to have the RTE enabled for PM forms.  The Admin “re-checks” the checkbox for “Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields”; it had previously been “checked.”  In this case, what will the comments look like when the checkbox is re-checked? 

A:  The comments will appear in Plain Text format.    


Q:  Are there Font Size and Font Style options? 

A:  What you see are the available options. You can be sure nothing is hidden or could be enabled.


Q:  Can I print out a PM or 360 form that has Rich Text elements in it?

A:  Yes, the Rich Text elements should appear in print outs and in Archive & Print jobs. 


Q:  What if spellcheck, legal scan, and writing assistant are *not* enabled for PM/360 forms? 

A:  Then their respective icons will appear grayed out on the RTE toolbar. 



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