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2077413 - Manage Templates and Live Forms - Optimize PM Template Settings & Changes to Launched Forms - Performance Management


  • How to manage form template settings
  • This solution describes all the various settings you can apply to your performance template.
  • Identifies the form template settings that also apply to live and already launched forms.
  • An offline version: Detailed Change Guide, can be downloaded at the botttom of the page.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


In this solution we explain the many options that you can manage within Admin Tools.

  • Options that update templates only
  • Recommended settings for your programs
  • Options that also apply to live forms
  • Routing map changes
  • and many more..

While for some options we indicate recommended options, the very fact we have various options is indicative of the fact there is no absolute right or wrong option. While we can provide recommendations, Customer Support is not able to provide definitive advice as to what is right or wrong for you. Please engage Professional Serivces when consultation advice is needed. What is right for one client may not be what another client expects, and why we provide the many configuration options.

Please thoroughly test the options you have set (regardless if you personally set them or had Support,  PS or a Partner set them) and confirm before launching to end users, that the outcomes and behaviors you need are met. Remember, no setting is wrong, but it may not be right for you.

XML Level Changes to Live Forms:

  • We do not support XML level changes for Live PM Forms due to data protection security policies in general.
  • Partners should NOT attempt to change live form XML via any front end or provisioning level tools! Any damage caused to forms are likely irreversible and may result in loss of data, and forms that can no longer be used. Changing live xml code in a production instance may breach SAP policies.

XML Level Changes via Script:

Due to data protection security policies we are unable to push out data or xml changes into ANY customers live programs via backend scripts. This is called "brute force change" and is a violation of data security protection rules, and is not supported. It would also introduce severe risk of data corruption to existing programs & user data. It also would introduce changes into programs whereby there would be no audit capacity to know who, when or why such data or xml was changed, which also precludes SAP Successfactors from being able to perform such tasks to live programs. 

  • SuccessFactors recommends that a program is corrected to the specifications you need so you can launch new forms.
  • This is the only zero risk option and the only option supported by default within the product.
  • For XML Software Changes for Performance Templates please refer to SCR Form

Changes to Live Performance Forms via Admin Tools

The SuccessFactors Performance Management module has a very powerful set of options to enable administrators to make changes to templates and forms via Admin Tools. This article outlines the various ways and places that changes can be made to live forms. Changes via Admin Tools are the only ZERO risk option, in the sense they are supported via the tool by default and meet all data security rules and audit level requirements. Most can be enabled or disabled, and reversed without risks unlike xml level changes.


Settings: Advanced Settings & General Template Information

Available from Admin Tools > Performance Management > Template > Advanced Settings
Unless stated, all changes apply to live forms. (You can click on the feature links for detailed information.)


  • Open&Save Documents: This feature triggers updates to live forms in bulk by opening all forms based on this template and checking goal plans for changed data, as well as pushing all updated date to reports. This feature is a very powerful option to get your PM forms back in sync with new goal data, and also to get your reports in sync with data showing in the PM form. More Info..

  • Template Name:
    • Identifies one template from the other. Changes to the template name will update the Form Title of live forms.
    • The template name is the unique name of the individual form template, not the form type. For example, if you're using two different versions of 360 forms, you'll have two form templates. The Template Name is the unique name that identifies one template from the other in PerformanceManager.
      Note: We recommend not using this form element to rename existing form templates in PerformanceManager. It is not recommended to simply change the name of the form template when going from year to year, rather create a new template per cycle via Admin Tools. If you use this form element to rename an existing form template, your reports won't recognize the change. Your report results will combine data from the originally named template and the newly named template, treating them as the same form template. To ensure that your reports will recognize different form templates, name your form templates before you upload them and do not change the name at a later time.

  • Default Dates for Form Creation: (from this screen these will only apply to newly created forms. If you want to change the dates on live forms see - Change Live Document Dates - Form Start, End & Due Date Changes)
    • Default Start Date: Specifies the start of the period being evaluated.
    • Default End Date Specifies the end of the period being evaluated.
    • Default Due Date: Specifies the date on which the form is due.
    • The Default Start Date, Default End Date, and Default Due Date all work in conjunction with each other to specify the review period and the date when the form is due.

  • Default Due Notification Date (in days): Note this is the offset days from Default Due Date. The system will send only one email on this date, unless you keep changing this date.

  • Default Late Notification Date (in days): The system will send only one email on this date. But if you alter this date, it can trigger more emails. 

  • Template Status: = Enable/Disable - Note: if disabled you will not be able to use this template in planning, and this may also cause issues with live programs & reporting.
    • Specifies the availability of the template, either Enabled or Disabled. You can change the template status at any time.
    • Disabling the template will not disable live forms. To delete live forms see: 2076518. To just remove visibility to the live forms see: 2086708 - Manage Employees - Manage Document Visibility
       Enabled templates are active and available for use. If a user is granted permission to use the forms, the Enabled templates show up on their list of forms on the New Documents Wizard page. Users can then use the template to create a new form.
       Disabled templates are inactive but still stored in PerformanceManager. Disabled templates don't display on the list of forms on the New Documents Wizard page, and can no longer be used to create new forms. Only the Administrator is able to view a disabled template. Users can finish completing any in-progress forms already created from the template before it was disabled.

  • Transfer Options: For all the transfer options below you should always default them all to enabled. If you do not enable all these in a compensation program problems will occur on worksheets relative to manager transfers. 
    We have more detailed information on these transfer options available at: 2077194 - Manage Templates - Document Transfer Options
    • Do Not Transfer Document - (applies to live forms) Setting this option disables all following options and means forms will not change on any manager changes regardless of any other settings you have elsewhere! more info on document transfer options and common problems.
      • Automatic Manager Transfer.
      • Automatic insertion of new manager as next document recipient if not already. (not recommended, especially later in the year when it doesn't make sense for a new manager to be inserted into the workflow, for example when forms are in signature steps.)
      • Automatic Inbox Document Transfer To New Manager
      • Automatic En Route Document Transfer To New Manager
      • Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager

  • When the system is configured to remove documents for inactive employees, apply these overrides so that the system does not remove documents for this form template
    • Do Not Remove Inactive Employee's In-Progress Documents
    • Do Not Remove Inactive Employee's Completed Documents

  • Default Targets: - Determines who will get this plan by default when you create forms. Choices are Self and Direct Reports, Self Only, or Direct Reports Only
    • Self and Direct Reports – enables a user to create a form for which he/she or one of his/her direct reports is the subject
    • Self Only – enables a user to create a form for which he/she is the subject
    • Direct Reports Only – enables a user to create a form for which one of his/her direct report is the subject
    • HR Reports Only - enables a user to create a form for which HR report is the subject
    • Self and Matrix Reports - enables a user to create a form for which he/she or one of his/her matrix reports is the subject
    • Matrix Reports Only - enables a user to create a form for which one of his/her matrix reports is the subject
    • the user creating the form is called the form originator
    • see also setting for "Allow form creator to select anyone as a subject"

  • Form Timeout Alert (minutes prior to end of session): =  None 5 10 15 - Remember all sessions time-out in 30 mins. So setting it to 10 means you can work for 20 minutes before the popup alert is displayed for forms based on this template.

  • Keep last touched version upon document completion - Not recommended unless a person should never see updated version once they send it on. This option is a popular one when you want to have tight security once a form has been moved forward. 

  • Enable Auto Logout at Session Timeout - Recommended. Improves user experience once a session times out. It does not change any functionality other than take the user to the login screen when the session times out if they were in this form at the time of timeout. (Only applies to PM v11.)

  • Enable Auto Restore Deleted Form When Importing User - Recommended only if it is common to reinstate users, or possibly as a one off action at a point-in-time.

  • Enable Spell Check - Recommended. Allows users to spell check open text fields. This can be turned on and off per template and live forms, but can also be disabled/enabled for the entire instance via support.

  • Enable Legal Scan - Recommended. Allows users to check their language in open text fields. This can be turned on and off per template and live forms, but can also be disabled/enabled for the entire instance via support.

  • Disable Spell Check On Route - Recommended unless you want to enforce a spell check. This will remove or add the spell check icon on live forms.

  • Disable Legal Scan On Route - Recommended unless you want to enforce a legal scan. This will remove or add the legal scan icon on live forms.

  • Enable Rich Text Editing of Comment Fields - Recommended. Enables users to add text formatting. Otherwise text will be plain text. Disabling this will mean when a person opens their in-progress form, rich text formatting will be converted to plain text. 

  • Enable Writing Assistant: Enables/Disables the writing assistance button for competency sections for forms using this template. Also requires that your template has been configured to use this feature. Recommended.

  • Disable Ask For Comment Routing - Recommended you have this checked. If you see the Get Feedback button on live forms and want to remove this then set this option.

  • Disable Ask For Edit Routing - Recommended you have this checked. If you see the Get Feedback button on live forms and want to remove this then set this option.

  • Allow Add Approver/Evaluator - This enables or disables the Add Approver button on live forms. Not Recommended as typically a required workflow is predefined when launched. It can be enabled when/if it is needed to address a need to add new approvers.

  • Hide Add Signer buttons - Recommended you have this checked. By default, this option is turned on, and users can select other users who they want included in the approval process, and have the form routed to these added users.
  • Disable All Toolbar Buttons (overrides all button selections below). Not recommended.

  • Disable Print Button - Disables the print friendly versions built into the application. The print icon will no longer show on any users form using this template. Not recommended.

  • Disable Send and Open Next Form Button - Recommended you select to disable. When the users sends the current form they have open to next user, it will also open the next form in their inbox automatically so they can start working on that form. This is particularly helpful for managers, but not typically used by most clients.

  • Disable Page Setup button - Recommended you leave unchecked. No longer allows users to print the form in PDF format, or print only selected sections of a form.

  • Disable Delete button - Recommended. This will enable a permissioned user to delete the form from their inbox. Typically we recommend this is checked to prevent users accidentally deleting forms.

  • Disable Note button - No longer allows users to search and open any Notes about the subject of the form or to create new notes.

  • Disable Form button - Recommended you check this to disable it. No longer allows users to view other forms about the subject while working in the current form.

  • Disable 360 button - prevents users from viewing 360-type forms about the form subject that would otherwise be viewable in a pop-up window

  • Disable Info button - If data privacy is important it is recommended you check this option. This icon/button gives users access to the audit trail information of the form. There are other permissions that control where this button shows and for whom in admin tools.

  • Disable Download button - Recommended you have this checked as this is a legacy offline feature we do not recommend anyone uses.  Unchecked enables Offline Forms.

  • Disable Send buttonRemoves the Send button on live forms. Not recommended unless you are trying to prevent users from moving the form forward.

  • Disable Send button for completed documents Enables a user to send a copy of their form to anyone in the company. We recommend you have this disabled to prevent privacy concerns

  • Disable Late Notification - Currently not available for PMv12 - Not Recommended. If you want to prevent users getting the notification just for forms based on this template.

  • Disable Due Notification - Currently not available for PMv12 - Not Recommended. If you want to prevent users getting the notification just for forms based on this template.

  • Disable Step Exit Notification - Not Recommended. If you want to prevent users getting the notification just for forms based on this template.

  • Enable Custom Layout Printing - Leave disabled unless you have purchased and implemented a custom pixel perfect performance form.

  • Disable PDF Printing - No longer allows users to print the form in PDF format. If you select this option, users will be able to print the form only in HTML format.

  • Allow form creator to select anyone as the subject - Not recommended unless part of your expected process
    • allows users to select a form subject outside of self or direct reports
    • a "Find User" search box will appear in the New Document wizard

  • Allow Matrix Manager to Delete document if Delete button is available - Not recommended unless this is part of your desired ability for a Matrix Manager (EX). This will enbable or disable the delete button only for EX role if the delete button is enabled in general.

  • Show on-form workflow options as a pulldown list - Enable this to use a dropdownlist instead of linear boxes. Not recommended unless you are wanting to make the workflow less visable. This can simplify the routemap look on the live forms.

  • Show Signoff routing step names in Signoff Stage - Recommended. If unchecked then the signature steps is a minimized green box that does not show any step name, which may not be clear to users.

  • Display Step Start Date - Recommended when using dates in your route map. Displays the start date of the step in the route map, if specified. If you want to hide the step dates in the live forms, then unchecking this box will remove that from live forms using this template.

  • Enable Completed Form Item Comment Copy - Not common. Allows users to copy comments from a section in previously completed form into the same section of the current form.
  •   Select Add Signers UI:  
         v1 - Adding signers is allowed only during Modification stage  
         v2 - Allows adding signers during Modification and Signature stages

  • Only create for users who don't have an existing or in-progress form with an End Date: between - Recommended. This is a great option to prevent users from accidentally getting duplicate forms and can make it easier to automate mass launches without the fear of launching to the same people.

  • Hide the Export and Export(Compact) buttons for documents in the Completed Folder - Not recommended. No longer allows users to export forms in their Completed folder.

  • Show digital signatures in Document Print Preview - Recommended. Specifies that the signer's name is shown on the printed copy of the form as well as their role and the date when the user signed the form.

  • Disable Due Date Validation- Not recommended.
    • disables a validation by which the form is checked to make sure the end date is before or the same as the due date
    • default is unchecked, so form will be checked for this validation

  • Disallow users from changing the Start Date - Recommended. This options apply at time of form launch.

  • Disallow users from changing the End Date - Recommended

  • Disallow users from changing the Due Date - Recommended

  • Enable form routing to previous step - Recommended. Greatly improves workflow options allowing a person to send the form back when data is missing or extra information is desired.

  • Enable Progress Meter (Enables a helpful progress meter on the form)

  • Enable SMART Goal Wizard (requires SMART Goal Wizard enabled on goal plan)

  • Show Manager Rating first for EZ Rater mode (Not recommended - Only enable if EZ rater is used - Not common)

  • Prevent forms from being created with overlapping date ranges (this applies to all templates with this configuration enabled). Not recommended or common.

  • Validate Form Dates for Incentive Eligibility - Only recommended for Variable Pay clients where this is the PM form that will be feeding into your VarPay program. More info..

  • Enable permissioning for report print preview - Typically not enabled as it will hide restricted content from admins using Detail Doc Search reports.

  • Display the signature line when a signature step is skipped (Recommended option) - Display an empty signature line in the signature area of form when the signature step is skipped, rather than display no signature information at all. (PMT-7395)

  • Display Skipped Steps in left hand side of information page (Recommended option) - Improves audit capability in the info screen. If option is enabled, skipped steps will display on the left side on information page.

  • Allow exit step comments to be visible to all participants in a Collaborative (C) Step (only applicable for forms that have not progressed beyond the C Step) - Recommended. Enhances the audit capability of the route map information.

  • Define the PDF file name format: This is a paid customization for most clients and not commonly used.


Other Information Displayed in the Advanced Settings Page

  • Download Form Template Button: Export an XML copy of your template to transfer to another instance, save as backup, or use to make a new version.
  • Template Type: = Performance (info only field)
  • #Last Modified: = Displays a date and time stamp of the last time this form template was modified. The information is recorded automatically. This is a read-only field.
  • #Routing Map: (route map currently linked - changing this will not update forms already with people) If you want to update current route map steps see: 
  • Template Flag: = Public/Private - This should always be set to Public. Private is no longer a supported option. Public forms are transferable whenever a manager-transfer process is started. For example, all public forms under the old manager are transferred to the new manager.
  • Bypass Draft Routing This is an obsolete feature
  • Enable form title editability in Form info page (V10) - This is an obsolete feature
  • Enable form title editability in the Form (V10) - This is an obsolete feature
  • Hide manager's own documents in Manager Dashboard - Not recommended - Manager Dashboard is a V10 option and should not be enabled for V11 onwards



The following are typical turnaround times.

  • Admin Tools: Items possible in admin tools apply immediately unless otherwise stated.
  • Provisioning: Any settings that support can update via provisioning typically take 1-5 days to process but will apply immediately.
  • Software Change Request: Any changes that require a Change Order (SCR) can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on complexity and current priorities. The Change Process is typically used not to change live forms, but to update your master template and then relaunch new forms.
  • Not Possible: Those listed as not possible/unsupported mean there is no technical solution here. We are unable to create a custom solution; even if a customer was prepared to pay for this it still is not possible. Only a relaunch of new forms can provide the desired behavior change.
  • CPS Evaluation: This process can take up to 3 weeks if a change is deemed technically possible. 


  • We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in this document, however we cannot guarantee every option is true in your instance. Features change over time, and especially between versions. What works in one version may not in another based on your custom configuration.
  • Customers are responsible for applying all changes to their own instances (including test) via admin tools. Support does not make Admin Tools setting changes, but can show a customer how to make a change.
  • Support engineers are limited in ability to provide recommendations as to whether a feature should be on/off or otherwise. All options exist because not every customer wants the same outcomes. Determining what is correct for your process is done at implementation before go-live, not by support staff between cycles.



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