2077220 - Manage Templates - Get Feedback and Allow Add Approver/Evaluator Add Modifier - Performance Management

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2077220 - Manage Templates - Get Feedback and Allow Add Approver/Evaluator Add Modifier - Performance Management


  • What is the difference between Get Feedback and Add Approver/Evaluator?
  • What is Add modifier?
  • How do we we disable the Add Modifier button?


SuccessFactors Performance Management


Get Feedback:

  • "Get Feedback" will allow you to route the document to a new user for either edits or comments.
  • When this person has the document in their inbox and has completed the changes, the only option he/she has is to send it back to the person who originally sent it in "Get Feedback" mode.
  • He/she cannot move the document farther in the process or to any other step, user, etc.

Add Approver / Evaluator:

  • Unlike with 'Get Feedback, if the user chooses the "Add Approver / Evaluator" button, the user is adding a new step to the route map (a user defined step).
  • The user in a user-defined step could send the document forward to the next step without having to send the document back to the user who added them to the route map. Also, the user would have full edit rights.


  • Add Approver/Evaluator button is enabled via Admin Tools > Select your form template > Advanced Settings > Allow Add Approver/Evaluator
  • If you select this option, users will see the Add Modifier button or menu item and will be able to add users.
  • The "Add Approver / Evaluator" button can be restricted via button permissions to only certain roles in the route map.


Allow Add Approver /Evaluator


When unchecked no longer allows users to add users from outside the established approval chain to the routing map during the Modification stage of the routing process.

By default, this option is turned on, and users can select other users who they want included in the approval process, and have the form routed to these added users.

When you select this option, you're turning off this feature for this form. Users will no longer see one of the following buttons:

  • Ask For Edit Routing button (if using nongraphical routing)
  • Add Approver/ Evaluator button (if using graphical routing).

Change timing

Immediate, including existing forms.


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