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2077217 - Manage Templates - Edited Description is not Updating in the Form - Performance Management


  • While trying to configure “edit the section” or “Description” in form template through admin tools, the changes are not reflecting once after a form launch.




  • Performance Management



There are 2 possible causes.


1. Via UI

The application will automatically add message keys to your template to manage these labels, even if you only use 1 language. Therefore you need to update both the 'default' field and 'language' field.


2. Via Imports
The "Manage Templates" tool does not support form label translations from the tool. When the form label translations are done and a message key is provided in XML then all updates must be made via the import file. When teh form is launched it picks the label from the Form label translations done by importing the keys and labels.
When editing from the Manage Templates, it does not update the Message key value imported from the import tool.


Via UI

1. If you are managing the description via admin tools and not imports, and even if you use only one language (eg English) you need to update the text not only on the default screen, but also click "Add" to open the "Localize Text" screen. Here you will see any languages used in your system. You need to also apply changes in this popup editor.






Via Imports

2. If you have used the form label translations and expect to do some label changes be it Name of the section or description, you should do the same for the message keys present in the CSV and then import them to the system.

Example: <rating-label msgKey="Example_Overall_Rating"><![CDATA[Overall rating]]></rating-label>


For example if your language is US English, when form label translation message keys are present in the sections, it looks up the value imported for en_US via the import tool. When editing from the Manage Templates, it does not update the Message key value imported from the import tool.


Go to Admin Tools -> Company settings -> Manage Form Label Translations -> Export Form Label Translations -> Edit changes -> Import Form Label Translations.

Please update your CSV for all the message keys for which you wanted to change the label and import it again into the system and launch the form.


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