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2076690 - Admin 101 - Top 10 Reasons Worksheets do not create - Variable Pay


Common reasons why Variable Pay worksheets do not create.


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There are various reasons why worksheets will not create. The following is a list of the most common causes.


Worksheets do not create

First check all data files have been correctly imported into the Variable Pay Plan. You should have data for available as follows:

  • Business Goals
  • Employee History
  • Eligibility Rules
  • Business Goal Weights

If any of these do not show correct records then have them export and import your files back into the plan in the correct order, run bonus calculation and create new worksheets. 

NOTE: Always ensure you import your weights and mappings file AFTER you have your Business goals defined.

  • If you have all the correct data imported and your worksheets do not create, ensure you have ran bonus calculation.

NOTE: This needs to be done every time there has been a change in data to either weights, goals or bonus plans. 

Verify you have correctly connected all related files

Check the names in your program details with those shown in xml.

  1. Pay Matrix
    Verify in the template xml you have correct mappings to your pay components: Pay Matrix <comp-pay-matrix><comp-pay-matrix-name>comp_payguide.

  2. Currency Conversion Table
    Check and ensure you have an update conversion table defined

  3. PM Form Template ID(s) PM Form Section in Variable Pay
    PM Form Section ID for Variable Pay (Section ID may have changed unintentionally if PM form config still being modified). 
    <comp-rating-source useFor="all" form-id="5" is-default="true" completed-only="false" use-calculated-rating="true">

Worksheets do not create for planners / Hierarchy

Verify the Hierarchy loaded matches what you have within define planners.

To do this you may also leverage using the Check Tool to check your hierachy. A KBA on this is 2643643 - Compensation & Variable Pay check tool

  1. Second Manager
    This column should be populated within your UDF (User Data File) under SECOND_MANAGER.
    The template xml tag for this hierarchy is "2"
    <comp-manager-hierarchy type=“2"/>

  2. Compensation Planner
    This should also be defined within your UDF (User Data File) under COMPENSATION_PLANNER.
    <comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1"/> 

If you are not using correct data, then it is likely worksheets will not generate for anyone.
If though you just have incorrect data, these columns then worksheets may also not crate correctly for planners within the hierarchy.

Verify Route Map

  • Ensure roles being used within your first step exists within the instance.
  • Try changing route map to E step to rule out Route Map issues. This can be done via Admin Center> Performance Management> Manage Route Maps.
  • If this is not correct it could equally cause all to fail or just some to fail depending on the role relationships.

For example:

  1. If EX is first step in Route Map, and there are no Matrix Managers loaded, worksheets will not create.

  2. The U step is NOT supported in Variable Pay route maps.

  3. Make sure the Employee History dates are within range of plan dates. 
  4. Make sure the Compensation Eligible column is TRUE or blank to avoid conflicting with any potential EC rules. 
  5. If you using <include-eligible-users-only><![CDATA[true]]></include-eligible-users-only>, make sure the Compensation Eligible column is blank
  6. If you are using ABR (Assignment Based Rating) functionality then please ensure it is set up correctly. 
  7. All pay range foundation objects must be complete. If a currency code is missing from one pay range record, worksheets containing pay guide fields will not launch.


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