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  • How do I delete documents?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


 Required Permissions

  • In an RBP environment, User that will be performing the deletion of documents will require explicit permission to do so.
    • This can be found by navigating to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > *Select Role* > Permission Button > Manage Documents > Check Delete Documents


If you do not have the menu above available, then you might be using a Non-RBP environment(Administrative Domains).  If so, please see the following KBA, 2476753, for instructions on permissioning with that configuration.  

Delete Individual Documents

  1. Go to Admin Center (New Admin Tools)
  2. Click Manage Forms by User
  3. Click Delete Form
  4. Select "Employee Document Folder" or "Advanced Search" and enter relevant information
  5. Click Search button
  6. Check the check box on the left for the form you want to delete
  7. Click Delete button on top
  8. Confirm windows pop up: Are you sure you want delete selected 1 documents?
  9. Click Yes button
  10. Verify message 1 total forms. Successfully deleted: 1. Failed to delete: 0.

Delete Multiple Documents

  1. Admin Center > Delete Form
  2. Advanced Search > Form Template field > click the "Select" link
    • The search options also allow you to define by various parameters to delete documents in bulk
  3. Select the template > click the <Search> button
  4. You can choose to "Select all ## documents in search results" or individually select the Doc ID's to be deleted => click the <Delete> button

Auto Delete Documents on Inactive

Think about your admin resources and how many you can manually manage via admin tools. If you are unable to manually manage all these, then you may need to set the options to auto delete forms when people become inactive so that it is not a manual task.  See Manage Live Forms - Remove Inactive User Documents - Performance Management 

Note: The above options are the only supported options available. SAP Support does not provide any backend solutions to delete your forms, without exception. Customers should manage all their forms via their own admin resources, using Admin Tools. If you have large numbers of forms to delete, you may engage via Partners who can provide you the additional admin resources to manage any need.


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