2076132 - Launching Forms - Schedule Mass Form Creation: Actual Launch Time - Performance Management

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2076132 - Launching Forms - Schedule Mass Form Creation: Actual Launch Time - Performance Management


  • This article reviews Scheduling Mass Form Creation
  • When using the Schedule Mass Form Creation, what time does the system actually launch the forms


  • Performance Management



First determine which data center you are on, as the times will vary relative to the end user location and the data center. Launch times will be determined by the datacenter.  

As of B1505 customers can request their scheduler run at a specific time of the day. Open a case with Cloud Support and have your form scheduler set on the Quartz Servers, and provide the specific time this should run. It is possible for your launch to run multiple times a day while ensuring people do not get multiple copies of the same form.

If you have not opted for a specific time, then in general most bulk processes such as launching forms, sending emails, running reports, do not start until after midnight relative to the data center that your company has their instance hosted on.

Also keep in mind that we are a hosted cloud service, so times are never exactly the same for any one company every day, since the number of companies on any given day launching forms can vary greatly. Today you might be the only company launching forms in your db pool, whereas next week 50 clients in your same dbpool might also be launching forms at the same time, so exact timing may vary slightly from night to night.

SuccessFactors schedules a number of processes to run nightly and this time can vary each night depending on many variables. As the data behind the processes can vary in quantity, this means that a job that completes at 4am today might not complete until 4:30am tomorrow. Additionally, if SuccessFactors has a scheduled maintenance downtime, the job might be delayed for an unknown number of hours. On vary rare occasions if there was unplanned downtime, actual completion time for all companies on the DC may be later.


Time Testing

Perform the following test to determine the approximate timing on your data centers

  1. Set up a new job that will cause forms to launch one night between Mon-Thr. these are the best days for testing as we would not have planned downtime on these nights that could delay jobs)
  2. Set the job up so that it will only launch forms for a few select test uers, not all users
  3. Ensure your email notifications are on
  4. The following day after forms are launched you can check your emails for the timestamp of creation.
  5. While times may vary from day to day, it will most often be very close to the same time you saw in your tests.



  • If your jobs typically complete by a certain time, but today have not completed,  please view your scheduled jobs via Admin Tools > Process Job Monitor > Monitor Jobs to see if your job is still pending. The Job Monitor is a feature that can be enabled in your instance if you do not currently see it.
    If you are unable to determine this jobs process from this screen please open a support case and we can check to see if there are any server issues that might explain the delay, and if needed, investigate the delay. (Provide company ID, process name, time it typically completes, name of form template)



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