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2075954 - Admin - Performance Inbox - Performance Management


  • Using the performance inbox, sometimes call My Forms. Completed folder, enroute folder, HR Inbox, In Progress forms, send to next step, searching for forms and mass routing from the inbox.


  • Performance Management


  • The performance management module now has an inbox for each module. the performance inbox will only store documents for performance forms, 360 multi rater forms. It will also show historical form notes if you had those and any legacy performance type forms.
  • it is accessed by a user that has permission to access the performance module from the main menu > Performance. (Information on permissioning the performance tab.)
  • In the left menu you will see All Forms, In Progress folder where all inprogress and enroute forms can be found. Also the Completed folder for all completed forms. (Form Status is an old report that should no longer be used and was replaced by Form list reports and the dashboards. Please request to have Form Status disabled via a case)

Tip: Enroute forms are only a snapshot in time and will not show live data. See also - Route Maps: Enroute Copy of Form Does Not Show Correct Data


Create New Form Button

  • If permissioned some users may see the Create New Form button from within their inbox. If a user has this button when they click it they will see a list of forms they can create.


My Direct Reports

  • What is My Direct Reports option in My Forms > Inbox page?
  • The Inbox can display either My Direct Reports or All forms, depending on the Radio button selected at the top of the My Forms > Inbox page. If My Direct Reports is selected, then my own forms will not be displayed.


Hiding a Form in the Inbox


Inbox Search


Currently, in our system, if the user want to use "Search For Forms" in Inbox folder, he/she needs to be granted "Mass Route Documents" permission. There is no standalone permission for opening up this feature in Inbox folder.  The search functionality was designed for the Mass Route Documents functionality, to enable people to select multiple forms from the inbox, and route them using "Sent to Next Step.”

Go to Admin Tools > Manage Employees-->Set User Permissions-->Administrative Privileges-->Managing Documents--->Select either Mass Route Document Forward or Mass Route Document Backward, or both as needed.



Send to Next Step Button - Route multiple forms from my inbox


Completed Folder


HR Inbox

What is the HR Inbox and what does it do? this feature is a special folder that only someone defined as an HR manager in your user data import file will see. More info: Platform Resources > HR Privileges: What it Does and Does Not Do


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