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2075945 - Admin - Audit Functionality Performance Management: Admin - Audit Functionality - Performance Management


  • Who made a change to data?
  • Route Map Audit Trail Blue Info Icon: Seeing when forms routed, manager changes, and who sent copy.

  • Is Audit Framework available for Performance Management?
  • Data Export Report via Provisioning

  • Template Changes: A change was made to my Performance Management form template. Do I have a way to see who made the change along with knowing when and what changes were made?


  • Performance Management



  • The system provides a number of different ways to audit changes made in the system. Please review all the audit reports and functionality below to determine which option is required for each business need,


Template Changes

Currently you can only see the last modified date of the form template through:

  1. Old Admin Tools => Form Template Administration => Form Templates. You will see this in the “”Last Modified” column to the right of the template name
  2. New Admin tools => Performance Management => Manage Templates => look in the “Updated On” column for the “Date the template was last updated”
  3. Currently we are unable to report on further details. If you would like the product enhanced to include more details via Manage Templates page or Ad Hoc reports, please submit your interest via the Community Ideas Pages.


Route Map Audit Trail Blue Info Icon

  • One of the most often used audit features within the product is the Routing Map Audit trail.
  • The page shows the Approval Chain. The checklist illustrates the approval chain for this document. The current owner of the process in the approval chain is highlighted.
  • The Routing Map section will show you the following information for this form: Step Type, Stage, Employee, Step, Status
  • The Audit Trail section will show you the following information: Currently With, Employee, Action, Comments, Status, Act By. Some of the Steps may display as links, whereas some may not. Links allow you to drill into the form to see the form information for that step. You cannot drill into steps that you do not have permission to, so not all steps may be clickable.


Please refer to our main solution on how to use route map audit trail feature.


Audit Framework

The Performance Management Module, and Goal Management Module, do not integrate seperately with the Comprehensive Audit Report. The only reports available are Ad Hoc reports, and other related reports, already present in the environment. Support cannot report on any data that is not already available in these standard reports.



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