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  • Resources to help you in planning for new Performance Planning cycles
  • What do we need to do to get ready for our upcoming launch?
  • Changing live forms


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The Official Performance Management Admin Guide

  1. You can find the latest and up-to-date admin guides for performance and goals at:

Essential Supporting Guides from Cloud Product Support

    1. 2075930 - Pre-Planning Guide to Starting a New PM Process - All the tips, tricks and recommendations a new admin often forgets to think about when preparing their new cycle.

    2. Admin Guide - Tasks Timeline - Lists many of the tasks and items you need to think about as an administrator, and when they need to be completed by.

    3. Manage Templates and Live Forms - Optimize Performance Template Settings & Changes to Launched Forms: This guide highlights all your template settings and helps determine which ones might need to be updated.

    4. PM V12 Acceleration: Validate and Approve Tool: This guide explains how to convert & validate your older templates to PM V12A

    5. Chaging Official Rating Settings:  This guide explains how to convert your ratings from PM V12 to the latest used in PM V12A. 

    6. 2068618 - Optimize 360 Template Settings - this guide shows recommended program settings for your form templates

    7. Launching Forms - Guide to Testing a New Template - provides a very comprehensive guide to testing a new form template so that issues are caught before begin sent to end users.

Important Info: If you are changing how your program worked (as opposed to relaunching the same program with standard year-over-year updates) then please engage Professional Services early. Customer Support does not provide consultation to reconfigure existing programs or build new programs except for small year-over-year updates.


Changes to Live Performance Management Forms

Performance Forms are technically very complex, unlike a static goal plan or profile page, as they follow workflows. This workflow dynamic means there really is not "a form" that can be easily updated. If you have multiple people in the route map, and multiple steps, with each person seeing different things at different stages, and because we need to create a copy of that at each change, your "form" could actually be 20 iterations of the form all stored in our system, even though you as the user only see what appears to be "1 form". All these iterations are related in complex ways. Therefore, when you ask, (what seems to be reasonable request), for support to update your "form", technically it's just not that simple. The is no "1 form" as you see as the end user. Just updating the template XML is not sufficient for legal, audit and technical reasons. Also, as we move forms along, many data points are captured and stored outside of the form itself, so just changing something at the user level can have wide ranging and negative impacts. 


This is a very simplified explanation of the complexity. For this reason, there is limited support to update live PM forms. The following articles highlight those options supported in the product today. Trying to change the forms design, structure, or rating logic (common mistakes made) is not supported in live PM forms




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