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  • Value: 1 to 99, if null it defaults to 1.
  • The Max Normal value may be set manually on the "Online Settings" tab of an item (component), or it may be set automatically by the AICC import assistant from the "max_normal" parameter in the CRS import file.
  • The Max Normal is the maximum number of assignable units (content objects) that may be taken for credit simultaneously. That is, this value indicates how many content objects in an item (component) are allowed to be incomplete at any given time. When the number of incomplete content objects exceeds the Max Normal value, subsequent launches of AICC content will be with credit="no credit" (AICC Lesson_Status and Score values cannot be updated).
  • For example, if an item has 5 content objects and the max normal value for the item is set to 3, a student can access up to 3 content objects without completion. If they access and do not complete a fourth content object, any AICC content object they access afterwards will be launched with Credit="No Credit", and the Lesson_Status and Score values will be locked.
  • It is important to note the completion value used for the Max Normal calculation is SuccessFactors' completion status, not AICC's. As a result, the Max Normal calculation is based on all content objects in an item whether they are AICC content objects or not (this also includes exam objects). However, only AICC (and SCORM) content objects are affected if the Max Normal value is exceeded.


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