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There are two methods of processing the input data into the connector.

  • The “Position” method requires that the customer provide all of the fields in the input file in a specific order.
  • The “Header” method uses the header row to determine the positions of the input data.



  • Headers is far more efficient and user friendly because, based upon what the customer needs, you can eliminate fields which are not going to be used. Secondly, you can rearrange fields into a more logical arrangement. Thirdly, you can do more data mapping and, for some connectors, add additional custom columns. This document assumes that you will use the “Header” method. It means, as a follow up task, that you must configure the connector configuration file correctly.]
  • The Header Row, as of 1305, can be case insensitive when mapping with the Header method. Data fields, used an a transformation or a default, cannot be case insensitive. For example, if you are specifying “English” as the default locale then you must match the ID exactly. You cannot use “english” or “ENGLISH” but only “English” will work.]
  • Position processing type is not recommended, mainly because the import file headers and configuration mappings for each version have to remain the same. If you were using a file/mappings from b1302, it may not work in b1402 due to changes in the accepted default file and will eventually cause confusion.
  • For header based item_data file as an example, the following could be processed


Item ID|Item Type|Revision Date|Domain ID|Not Active|Item Title!##!

test1|COURSE|12-JAN-14 00:00:00|PUBLIC|N|test1!##!


  • Since only item id and item type cannot be null (rev date defaults to date of latest active revision if null, domain defaults to PUBLIC if null)
  • The following mappings must exist for the above sample to work, where the value after the equal sign is the header value in the file, and before the equal is the column in the database the value goes into.

##Item column mappings Item ID Item Type Revision Date Domain ID Not Active Item Title


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