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2075193 - Configure REPORT_SYSTEM to send reports directly to sftp


How to configure sftp settings with LMS administration which will send reports directly to sftp server.


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Navigate to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > REPORT_SYSTEM config file.

Fill the following details in this file which will put the file in sftp.

#This section is used for configuring an FTP server to receive report output
#In environments where access to root level directory is denied, path can be configured as relative path.
#Relative path should be in the format - <directory in user home directory>/<sub directory>/<sub directory> where <sub directory> are optional.
defaultReportFtpConfig.protocol=sftp your sftp URL goes here

To send a specific report to sftp, search for the configurations below in the config file:

# for a specific report, add

IMPORTANT: You MUST remove the # otherwise you will not be able to save your changes since # marks the text as a comment and not a configuration


Now, Go to the Reports Tab and search for the specific report. Click on '+' sign to expand. Click on the "Export" icon from the report that you wish to configure for SFTP.


You will see a report name next to "Selected Report" which is the report name that you need to provide in the REPORT_SYSTEM configuration file(as highlighted in red text above).


Now Go to Reports Tab and choose to run the report or schedule it.

Choose Report destination as Remote File and run/schedule the report. It will be placed in the specified sftp folder.

To test if the sftp connection is good just run the report on the spot after mailing the changes in the REPORT_SYSTEM configuration file. If the report fails then it is a connection issue and check the sftp URL and credentials.



Report names should not contain the full stop punctuation.

For example, TEST_REPORT_V2.0. When admin populates REPORT_SYSTEM for this report (for example, reportFtpConfig.TEST_REPORT_V2.0.protocol=sftp) the following error will be generated:

Cannot save the property list because the key reportFtpConfig.TEST_REPORT_V2.0.protocol is not recognized as a valid key for this property list. The unrecognized key or part of the key is: 0.

REPORT_SYSTEM is expecting to find a command, instead it finds the 0. value

Rename the report to TEST_REPORT_V2 or TEST_REPORT_V2_0. will resolve.


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