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  • This reviews the settings for connctors.


  • Learning


  • LMS connector settings can be found under Admin>System Admin>Configuration>System Configuration>CONNECTORS.
  • If you need to review the SFTP settings, to make sure the LMS is looking for the input files for your connectors in the right directory of the SFTP specified, you will need to check the following properties (*):


  • input.file.location:

Location of the input files used during connector runs.Possible values for input.file.location: FTP, local. For example: connector.input.file.location=FTP


Directory and local.input.localDirectory

If the input file is placed on SFTP server, the absolute path of the directory needs to be specified using the property ftp.input.remoteDirectory

For example: connector.ftp.input.remoteDirectory=/outgoing

If input file will be on a local drive, specify the address for the local drive, using the property local.input.localDirectory

For example: connector.local.input.localDirectory=c:\\connectors\\input


  • ftp.protocol

    Possible values for the protocol are: ftp, sftp but as SF currently uses SFTP, this property needs to be set to SFTP

    For example: connector.ftp.protocol=sftp


  • ftp.server

The SFTP server needs to be specified as per the example below

For example:


  • ftp.port

Set the port to access the SFTP server

For example: connector.ftp.port=22

  • ftp.userID

The user ID of the account on the SFTP needs to be specified with the ftp.userID property. For example: connector.ftp.userID=companySFTPuser01


  • ftp.password

The password for the ftp.userID previously set needs to be saved in this property. Once the password is saved, it will be shown encrypted. For example: connector.ftp.password=cbe9879ed756ded55b8f6643f3ae26bd


Please, note if you save a copy of the configuration properties as a backup and you paste them into the CONNECTORS configuration file, the password will be encrypted again. The original password needs to be saved.


(*)Please also keep in mind that a property that was set on the common settings section of the Connector configuration file may also be present in the Individual Settings section for a specific connector and it is important to check both to avoid confusion.


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