2074219 - Configure PRD to connect to a database through a proxy

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2074219 - Configure PRD to connect to a database through a proxy


  • How to configure PRD to connect to the hosted staging database through a Proxy.
  • When connecting, the admin user may generate the following error which indicates a Proxy issue: 
    • org.eclipse.birt.report.data.oda.jdbc.JDBCException: There is an error in get connection, java.sql.SQLException: java.net.UnknownHostException

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To configure PRD to connect through a Proxy, the PlateauReportDesigner.ini file will need to be modified.  This file can be located in the root directory of PRD (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\PlateauReportDesigner).

Firstly, open the file with a text editing program (Textpad, NotePad, Notepad++).  By default, you should see the following lines:


Add the following lines to the file (as appropriate – notations following each line describing when and if it should be included)

-Dhttp.proxySet=true<===Required - keep at http regardless if http or https is being used
-Dhttp.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]<==If using http
-Dhttp.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]<==If using http


-Dhttps.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]<==If using https
-Dhttps.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]<==If using https

 The following should be added is a user id/password combo is required to access the internet via the Proxy.

-Dhttp.proxyUser=[User ID]

The final file should look like this:


Save the file.


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