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2074216 - How do I disable or enable the "Early Launch" pop-up that displays when I try to launch content?


  • When a user tries to launch a course in the Learning Plan that is due in the future, there is a pop up window that can be enabled/disabled to alert users the item is not due until a specific day, prompting them to confirm if they still want to proceed and launch the course. 


  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (All Supported Versions)


  • This feature is designed to let users know they may be launching a course that is not due until a year from now, as an example.  The feature aims to address user confusion when they see a course on their Learning Plan that they have just completed, but has retraining. 
  • When a course has retraining, it shows up  again on the Learning Plan with a future date, after it has been completed.  Users may think that the item is the same as the one they just completed.  This feature lets the user know that the course due date is in the future.


This is the property present in the LMS_ADMIN configuration:

# This configuration is used to enable the online content early launch warning. This configuration

# is added in b1207

# true: will enable the early launch warning.

# false: will disable the early launch warning.


#This configuration specifies the threshold for online content launch warning and is only

#applicable when the "enableOnlineContentEarlyLaunchWarning" is set to true.

# The value is number of days and should be a positive integer greater than or equal to 0.



  • This property provides an option to enable or disable the early warning/confirmation message when user tries to launch the content of a required item whose number of due days is more than the threshold defined above in the property.
  • The configuration property can be found in the LMS on the admin site: Navigate to System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> LMS_ADMIN(Click edit) -> In the configuration, search for ‘EarlyLaunch’.
  • An example of how this configuration works is enabling the ‘enableOnlineContentEarlyLaunchWarning’ property to true and ‘onlineContentEarlyLaunchWarningThreshold’ to 25.
  • A user is assigned an item which is of type "Required" and it is due within 30 days from today. According to the above set properties in the configuration, an early launch warning message should pop-up when the user tries to launch the item.



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