2072701 - Reports - Private Goals, Reporting on - Goal Management

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2072701 - Reports - Private Goals, Reporting on - Goal Management


  • How to Use Goal Search to Report on Private Goals as an Administrator


  • Goal Management


  • The SuccessFactors Total Goal Management Application enables users to create private goals. Visibility to private goals is based on Role Permissions at the template level. For example the Employees Manager (EM). As an administrator you may be required to report on private goals that are ordinarily not viewable to anyone but those coded in the goal plan.


Goal Search Classic Report

The Goal Search Classic Report is an administrator report. It was designed to export all goals, either public or private. You can only access this report if you have detailed reporting rights. DRR does not correspond to role based permissions (E, EM or any other role)

To use this report go to:
Reports/Analytics Tab > Classic Reports > Goal Search >
a. Select the goal plan to report on
b. Define your search criteria

As the admin, if you have full detailed reporting privileges the results will show both public and private goals. Public/Private does not show in the initial on-screen results when using "Generate Report", so you will have to export your report to see which are Public/Private goals.

a. Click "OPEN EXPORT OPTIONS" link.
b. Check the box for Public/Private (and any other desired fields)
c. Export your report to excel


Goal List Reports

  • Goal list reports are designed for end users and managers in mind, and therefore will respect al the form and goal plan permissions. Goal plan permissions will typically include role-based permissions such as only show private goals to the employee or manager. Therefore as an admin you will not by default be able to report on anyone's private goals by default, even though you have detailed reporting permissions. To override the goal plan permissions and allow ALL users with sufficient detailed reporting rights to also see public goals via the list view report you can enable the following option.
  • Admin Tools > Dashboards/Reports > Filtering Options > Allow users with Detailed Reporting Rights to see public objectives:
  • Once this is enabled a user with detailed reporting rights for the individual will now also be able to see public goals that were otherwise restricted in the goal plan from their relational role. You will not however be able to see any private goals. Only a person that can access the Goal Search report can report on private goals. 


Additional Information:

  • Note: Dashboard/List/Spotlight reports are not administrator reports. They are intended for managers, and so for these reports the role-permissions set at the template level apply.
  • Please note: Private goals added to a 360 Team Rater form will be visible to everyone. SuccessFactors does not recommend using Private Goals in a 360 process.


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