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2072692 - Manage Goal Data - Group Goals v1.0 vs Group Goals v2.0 - Goal Management


This article explains the difference between Group Goals v1.0 and Group Goals v2.0.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management


The two different versions of group goals are mutually exclusive. You can only use either old, or new group goals but not both. This applies at the company instance level.

Comparing the Different Versions of Group Goals

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Managing Goal Data

The customer adminstrator and end users are resposnbile for managing, adding, deleting, editing, importing, all goal data. SAP Cloud Product Support does not perform any customer data management. Due to data security policies, any changes to a customer's data needs to be performed by the customer administrators or their end users.

Group Goal v1.0 Limitations

  • Group goals do not support sub-tables (tasks, milestones, targets, calculated ratings)
  • Group goals cannot change the goals visibility
  • Group goals cannot be imported
  • Group goals can only be updated or deleted by the group goal owner that created the goal
  • You can now assign a Group Goal to up to 15,000 people. (TGM-3054)

Main article about Group Goals v1.0: 2072675 - Manage Goal Data - Group Goals Version 1.0 - Goal Management

Group Goals V2.0

This feature was built to meet a very specific need as listed in the features and so will not be suitable for many clients as it does not have full functionality to replace the original version of group goals. Group goals 2.0 does not have full backwards compatibility.


  • This feature is supported in both v10 and ULTRA versions of the application.
  • The feature is an Admin opt-in feature with configuration change requirements. Administrators can enable the feature via Admin Center > Goal Management Feature Settings.
  • Ability to have sub-goal tables (e.g. tasks, targets, milestones, metric lookup) for a group goal.
  • Support for calculated goal ratings using the metric lookup table.
  • Ability to configure, per field, which are editable and which are read-only in a group goal (this also applies to sub-goal tables). Please be aware you would only be able to edit group goals in the goal plan itself - not the PM form - this is expected behaviour - TGM-6984.
  • Since these goals can be individualized my owners in the group, the goals show up in the dashboards and Ad Hoc reporting.
  • You now have the option to assign group goals via Beta Goal Import. For more information, please refer to the main article: 2072705 - Manage Goal Data - Group Goals Version 2.0 - Goal Management.

Potential Drawbacks

The list of potential drawbacks is based on functionality that is either available in the older version of group goals, or just not available at all.

  • Support for dynamic group goal membership - In v2.0 it's a static list of group goal members and not dynamic based on criteria. This was the use case for the specific customer and as such what was built first.
  • Cannot cascade group goals - Also not supported in v1.
  • No group rating - this is supported in group goals v1. If needed in group goals v2, must use Metric Lookup Table

Configure Editable Fields

One of the key benefits of group goals v2.0 is the ability to configure fields as editable to group goal members. What are use cases for this?

  • A department can share the same goal with shared results but each person can have a different set of tasks or milestones for that goal. For example, Customer Success has a goal for 95% customer satisfaction. While the result will be shared by everyone in the department, what each person does to contribute to that goal will be different and now can be tracked individually.
  • A business unit goal is again shared by everyone but the impact of this goal on a person's goal plan is different based on that person's level in the business unit. For example, a shared goal has a bigger impact on directors compared to associates so the weight field should be editable. 

The configuration to make fields editable is an attribute of the field-definition. The default behavior is "push-down" meaning that fields will behave the same as group goals v1. Group goals will be editable to the group goal owner and read-only to group goal members. To make a field editable by group goal members set the attribute value to "regular".

Example - Weight should be editable by everyone in a group goal.

<field-definition id="weight" type="percent" required="true" detail="true" viewdefault="on" showlabel="true" field-show-coaching-advisor="false" cascade-update="regular">

Field Permissions

  • When a field is set to "push-down", this field will be editable by group goal owners and read only to group goal members regardless of field permissions.
  • When a field is set to "regular" it will be editable by the assigner when they are assiging the goal and also editable to group goal members.

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