2072664 - Reports - Make fields reportable - Data not showing in reports - Goal Management/ CDP

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2072664 - Reports - Make fields reportable - Data not showing in reports - Goal Management/ CDP


  • How do we make all the fields on our goal plan or CDP show up in reports?
  • Currently only some of the fields on Goal/ Development plans are reportable by default
  • Entire goal is not showing up in report even though you see it on the goal plan
  • Goal Plan Custom field not visible in ORD / Ad Hoc reports


  • Goal Management
  • Development
  • Career Develoment Planning

Reproducing the Issue

Reporting on Goal data or Development Goal data, e.g.; Status, Name, Description, Learning activitity data, etc. does not show in Ad Hoc reports


The fields have not been made reportable.


This solution covers 2 scenarios

  1. Where a new field was not reportable when the goal plan was launched
  2. Where an entire goal doesn't show in reports even though you see it on the goal plan


When a new field was not reportable when the goal plan was launched

  • Note: Current functionality is that deleted custom fields do not retain data when viewed in ad hoc reporting. If you deleted the field then it won't be reportable.

  • Goal plans typically do not have all fields set as reportable by default. Fields that were not set as reportable will not be transferring data to reporting tables and therefore when running reports you will find that nothing in this field is showing in reports.

  • If there are fields on your goal plan/ development plan that do not currently show in reports, you will need to submit a change request to have your goal plans reconfigured via support or paid partner engagement.

  • You can request your goal plans be configured to add a "reportable" attribute to the field-definition elements for up to twenty fields you wish to report on.
  • At most twenty fields across an entire instance may be reportable (including CDP etc.) The twenty fields are specified as Field1, field2 and field3...
  • If a company has more than one objective template, all of the reportable="field1" fields must have the same id and be of the same type (text, date, enum, etc) across all objective plans. Likewise for all of the reportable="field2" and reportable="field3" fields across all objective plans.
  • Once a field is made reportable, only new data going forward will show in the Objective list report.
  • The configuration change will not apply to existing data.
  • To push existing data to reports you will also need to request that we run the "Goal Sync Tool" described below.

Depending on the scope and effort, the above actions may be out-of-scope for basic free support. If you have just 1 goal plan, and need to make just 1 field reportable, that would be within scope for the regular CCOR (Change Request) process. But if you have multiple goal plans, and multiple fields to be changed, this is likely to be a paid engagement via PS/Partners.


Additional Information for Partners, PS & Support:

  • Whoever is making the change needs to evaluate ALL the customers goal plans and determine the scope of work to make sure any change worked as needed, while not impacting any existing plan negatively.
  • If the client already has fields set as reportable, then you must keep all reportable fields in sync across all goal plans, this includes goal and CDP plans!
  • That is if weight: reportable=field2 on 2006 & 2007 plans then it needs to be same on the 2008 plan; you can't use =field1 on one plan and =field2 on another. You can't have date = reportable="field1" on a goal plan and name = reportable="field1" on a CDP plan for example. field1 would need to be consistent across all goal plan types. (Max of 20 reportable fields are supported)


Goal Sync Tool

  • When a field has existing data and you make it reportable, then you will also need to run the Goal Sync Tool to update the reporting tables. 
  • Go to Provisioning > Company Settings > Run Sync (for goals)
  • This will cause ALL goals to update and push data to reporting tables. All goals will have an audit entry showing they have been updated as of the date running the tool, and users will see alerts if you have those enabled.
  • Nothing in the goal has changed, and the sync tool will not change anyones goal except for the last updated date.
  • Partners can request access to Company Settings via the regular provisioning process so that you can perform these actions for the customer.



Where an entire goal doesn't show in reports even though you see it on the goal plan

If your scenario is that the goal is not in reports, and you are running a PM ad hoc report (Not a goal report) then the issue is possibly that you are adding the goal data via imports and your users never had a need to open their PM forms. For the system auto-sync to work typically users need to open their PM form, which is the point of time the system checks the goal plan to check for new goals. If your users never had to open their PM forms, then the goal data is only on the goal plan, and not in the PM form, which is why the goal will not show in reports.

There are a few ways to address this.

  1. Go into Admin Tools > Manage Templates > Select your template > Click the Open&Save option to manually trigger a goal sync to PM forms.
  2. Have support run the Goal Sync Tool one time for you as decribed above (This is executed in provisioning (support access only).  Screenshot below).

         2072664  Sync Goal to Ad Hoc.png

       3.  Have support enable the PM-GM Sync Up feature in your company settings which should eliminate this problem going forward.



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