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2072207 - Permissions - Unable to See Private Goals when Admin Proxies as a User - Goal Management


  • Scenario 1: When proxied as a particular user, you are unable to see all goals in that user's goal plan. Person proxying can not access the private objectives.
  • Scenario 2: We grant proxy access to a user for private goals, but on a later date that proxy access is gone again. How is the proxy access being lost?


  • Goal Management


Scenario 1:

  • When establishing the proxy for this user, it is possible the "grant access to private objectives" checkbox was not selected. If this box is not checked when granting permissions, then the person who is proxying will ONLY be able to see public goals. All private goals will be hidden from view.RESOLUTION:
  • If you have confirmed that the user does have private goals in the system, the administrator will need to confirm that the proxy relationship is set-up to allow the user to view private goals. This permission is not automatically granted when proxy relationships are created. To confirm this is the cause, follow the steps below to remove proxy access and re-permission it (granting access to private goals/objectives at that time).
  1. Login
  2. Click on "Admin Tools"
  3. Click on "Proxy Management"
  4. Use the "Look Up Existing Assignments" section to find and delete the current permissions
  5. Under "Find the proxy for an account holder" put the username of the person who the user is proxying as in the text box. Click "Search for Proxy"
  6. Check the box next to the appropriate name and click "Delete"

    Next you will want to reassign proxy permissions for that user. You will use the "Make Assignments" section at the top of the screen.
  7. Enter the username for the employee acting AS the proxy in the first field
  8. Enter the username for the employee who is being acting on behalf of in the second field
  9. Click the "Grant Access to Private Goals" check box
  10. Click "Save"

The user should now have the ability to view ALL goals in the users goal plan when he/she proxies as that user.


Scenario 2:

  • A customer reports that after they proxy in as a user, they are unable to see goals or development goals created by the user.  The customer has already granted proxy access private access to goals but advised that the proxy access seems to disappear after a while. 
  • This is likely caused by the scheduled imports or employee imports done via admin tools. If the customer is including the Proxy column in the user import file. If they are including proxy column in their import file, this may cause proxy access to private goals to revert to a false value. The Proxy import done when included in the user import file will be without private goals access. As such, the import will overwrite any other proxy settings that may have been set



  1. Remove the Proxy column from your employee import file whether you are using a scheduled import or importing from the admin tools.

Note: You must remove the entire column and not just blank out the contents under the proxy column.Succeeding imports of the user import file should not contain the Proxy column

  1. Manage Proxy using the Proxy import functionality instead of managing proxy using the employee import option.
  2. To use the proxy import feature, go to Admin Tools > Manage Security > Proxy Import. Download the Proxy Import File template, add your Proxy assignments, then upload the file back into SuccessFactors.
  • Column A - who you are proxying in ON BEHALF OF
  • Column B - who is clicking the 'Proxy Now' button
  • All other columns - valid values YES and blank (blank is an implied NO)


Configuration/Enable of Proxy Import:

To use these options, go to Admin Tools > Manage Security > Proxy Management and select the Enable Advanced Proxy Management (Proxy Now and Proxy Import) checkbox. Please note that each Admin must also be granted Proxy Management permission.
These are primarily designed for Admins who act as Proxies. Other non-Admin users can continue to use the existing Proxy features found on the Options > Proxy page. This page lets users manage Proxy access on an individual basis.


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