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2072182 - Manage Templates - Metric Lookup Table element metric-lookup-table-target-auto-population - Goal Management


  • How to Use Metric Lookup Table element metric-lookup-table-target-auto-population
  • Can we use Text target levels?


  • Goal Management


  • If you use percentage-based rating scales to determine your target values, you have the option to have the target values auto-populated in the table. (TGM-1888)
  • Note to SF Staff and Partners: The new element is: metric-lookup-table-target-auto-population


Automatic Target and Rating Scale Population

This feature primarily serves to auto populate the target levels based on configurations defined in the goal plan. The sample use case would be: A user selects from a drop-down the rating scale/type to be used for this goal. The user also enters a target baseline value. Based on these two selections the system will populate the metric lookup table. The requirements to enable this feature are:

  1. Define a field-definition for the target baseline
  2. Configure target-to-rating mappings in the goal plan so values can be pre-populated

So the use case would be:

% of Target Baseline












Target Baseline:

<field-definition id="target-baseline" type="number" required="false" detail="false" viewdefault="on" showlabel="false" field-show-coaching-advisor="false">

<field-label>Target Baseline</field-label>

<field-description>Target Baseline</field-description>



Mapping XML:

<metric-lookup-table-target-auto-population id="sales" default="true">


<mapping baseline-percent="80" rating="60">



<mapping baseline-percent="90" rating="80">



<mapping baseline-percent="100" rating="100">



<mapping baseline-percent="110" rating="120">



<mapping baseline-percent="120" rating="140">





  • This will create the following UI:
    The system calculates the target levels based on percentage of the target baseline and populates the target level column. The system accepts multiple mappings and that will result in additional entries in the Rating Scale drop-down in the UI.


Numeric Target Revenue vs. Text Target Revenue Levels

  • While not a commonly used configuration, the system supports the ability to enter text target achievement levels. A goal plan can be configured to support either or both achievement types. So a single goal plan can have two goals which use different target achievement types. The text achievement only works with calculation type "step" and is an exact match between actual text achievement and text target level. The table-column id for text achievement is "achievement-text" and the actual text achievement field-definition is "actual-achievement-text". When both text and numeric achievement are configured, the user has an option to select between the two types. Use numeric Target Revenue or Use Text Target Revenue


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