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  • It’s that time of year again! As you may be wrapping up your last cycle and getting ready to launch new performance reviews and goals. Here’s a review of how to best handle this transition for you and your users.



  • This note describes options available in Admin Tools, a free upgrade to admin tools available to all SuccessFactors customers. If you haven’t already upgraded you can contact the Customer Success team to have them enable it for you.


Creating a New Goal Plan Template

  • Important: For each new Performance Form template you create you should also create a new goal template and link the new goal template to your new goal plan in the objective sections. Failure to do so unintentionally can result in last years goals being lost or changed by users when they show up in your new performance forms.
  • For more important tips in setting up your new plans, please see our admin guide.
  • If you have a 201x goal plan and need to copy the template for your employees to use for 201x, this is easily done with the OneAdmin Manage Templates tool, which you’ll find under the Goal Management panel (among others):


Basic Steps

  • In order to copy a Goal Plan from an existent one please follow the instruction listed below:
  • > Login to the company instance.
  • >Click on Admin Tools
  • >Goal Management
  • >Manage Template


  1. >Goal Plan
  2. >Open the Goal plan that you will like to copy
  3. >Click on the “Save As..” button
  4. >Type the name that you will like to grant to the new Goal Plan
  5. >Save your entries.
  6. >Go back to Manage Templates to verify if the new Goal Plan was created.


Enhanced Walkthrough



  • Open the 201x goal plan template, and click “Save As…” to save a copy with a new name (for example, “201x Goal Plan”):




  • You can then take the opportunity to update field labels, or the instructions users see at the top of the goal plan. If your goal plans have multiple languages, be sure to update the labels and instructions for all languages if you change one.





Setting the New Default Goal Plan

  • In SuccessFactors systems with multiple active goal plans, users can pick which goal plan to view with the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the goal plan:



  • When a user returns to this page, the system always displays the last goal plan they viewed.
  • You, the administrator, can also pick one Default active goal plan in the Manage Templates tool:




  • When you set a new Default goal plan in the OneAdmin Manage Templates tool, the system will ask if you want to update the setting for all returning users:




  • If you click “OK”, all returning users will see this goal plan by default, even if they viewed a different goal plan the last time they logged in. Of course, your users can still switch back to a different goal plan if they wish.
  • Updating the default goal plan for returning users will reduce the number of questions you get about which goal plan to use, and reduce complaints from users that accidentally start entering their new year’s goals on the wrong goal plan.



  • As always, please thoroughly test all new goal plans and performance templates before releasing live to users.


For Further Assistance

  • If any of the above is unclear or if you want help updating your processes for the new year, just open a Support Case and we will be more than happy to help you.



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