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  • How can I restrict what parts of a goal are editable after being cascaded?


  • Goal Management


There is a role that can be used for permissions specific to cascaded goals. In addition to the normal roles E, EM, EMM, EH etc there is a role "cascader". You have the option to specify which goal details can become editable upon cascading when an employee cascading (cascader role) cascades a goal to others. This option gives you control over which read-only details remain read-only when the goal gets cascaded. It also lets you set action permissions for tables (create-row, delete-row, and move-row).

  1. Cascader-role supports permissions on the following goal elements and actions for the user cascading their goal to other employees:
    1. Field permissions (standard, custom, table) 
    2. Table column permissions Action permissions for tables
      1. Create (create-row)
      2. Delete (delete-row)
      3. Move (move-row)
  2. When the "cascader-role" is disabled, users cascading their goal have write access to all fields and actions for that goal regardless of goal plan permissions.
  3. When the "cascader-role" is enabled, the "cascader" role controls what field can be seen and edited and what table actions are permitted for the user who is cascading their goal.
  4. Current behavior is that the user cascading a goal has write access to all fields and actions for that goal regardless of goal plan permissions. By default, the value of this attribute "enable-cascader-role" is false; this is an 'opt-in' feature.

To enable this feature open a case with Customer Success and submit a Configuration Change Order Request.


Partners & Support Config Options

<switch for="cascader-role" value="on" />


Related Error:

  • User gets pop up error "Selected goal is no longer available" when trying to cascade a goal or objective?
  • This can occur if the switch cascader-role is set to "true" but no specific goal permissions have been set in the goal plan.


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