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  • Thia article reviews the numbering logic for goal plans


  • Goal Management


Goal Numbering (obj-plan-numbering)

  • Use the <obj-plan-numbering> element if you want to have goals automatically numbered in the goal plan. If goal categories are defined, the 1st number segment will always reflect the ordinal position of the goal category.
  •  Omit this code block entirely if you do not not want to have GM automatically number goals and leave goals unnumbered at all.


At a minimum if you want goal numbering enabled, you must have at least two lines that look like the following:
<obj-plan-numbering><obj-plan-number-format><[CDATA[<font color=]]></obj-plan-number-format></obj-plan-numbering>
Two lines will automatically number goals in the format of N.N, e.g. 1.1, 2.1, 2.2. If you only have two lines like the above you are essentially disabling users from being able to "indent" goals. The buttons to left indent or right indent a goal will not appear in the set of mouse action buttons.


To enable users to indent goals to one or more levels, you must have a minimum of three lines. For example:
<obj-plan-numbering><obj-plan-number-format><[CDATA[<font color=]]></obj-plan-number-format><obj-plan-number-format><![CDATA[<font color=]]></obj-plan-number-format></obj-plan-numbering>
The XML illustrated above will automatically number goals in the plan and allow a maximum indent level of one, e.g. 1.1.1. If goal categories are defined the 1st number segment will always reflect the ordinal position of the goal category.
The XML illustrated above automatically numbers goals in the plan as follows:

Users can left indent or right indent the goal by using the arrow buttons that will show in the goal plan.


Goal Ordering on a PM Form


Note: This solution may contain xml code. We provide this code to help those clients using the Self-Service Tool. If you are not familiar with this tool, please know that you can engage SuccessFactors experts for all your configuration needs. SuccessFactors offers three paths for configuration changes.

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