2071571 - Goal Execution - Enabling Goal Execution & Status Report - Goal Management

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2071571 - Goal Execution - Enabling Goal Execution & Status Report - Goal Management


  • If you're interested in adding Goal Execution to your current Goal Management process, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success for more details on how you can get set up quickly.
  • Once the feature has been enabled for your instance you will access the Status Report from under the Goals/Objective Tab




Grant administrative permissions for goal execution.

  1. Go to Admin Tools > Manage Security  > Administrative Privileges  > search username then enable the feature "Manage Goal Execution" > save
  2. Logout and back in and go back to admin tools. You will now see a new option called  "Goal Execution Management > Goal Execution Settings"

      Anyone granted Goal Execution Management will also see the Execution Map, Meeting Agenda & Status Report sub-tabs in their goal plan.



Granting Status Report to Others

If you want to grant the Status Report to other users that do not have Manage Goal Execution permissions then this can be done via Default User Permissions.

  • Go to Manage Security  > Default User Permissions  > Manage Goal Execution > and in this section enable Access Status Report > Save Settings


Granting Permission via Role Based Permissions

Using Role based Permissions:

     1. Navigate to Admin tools ->Manage Permission Roles->Goals

     2. Enable Access Status Report, Access Meeting Agenda etc.


     3. Specify the target population

Improved target permissions to protect privacy for employee status reports(GE-779)

-Customers using goal execution status report page often want employees to be able to submit status reports but have only managers be allowed access to status reports of their other employees. As part of the permissions – customers permission the Employee role to the “Access Status Reports” page to allow them to submit status reports.  In addition, they grant the group “Everyone” and “Granted user (Self) as the target permission for the employee role.

 This is done because Access Status Reports is identified as a permission requiring a target.  The expectation was that employees only could see their own status report.  However, it was found that employees were able to access the status report of other employee using certain navigation steps. We have updated the behavior to ensure that target permissions for Status Report access are being respected.  So now employees may only see their own status report and not the status report of other employees.



  • Goal Management


To have Goal Execution enabled for your instance requires a Professional Services engagement (subject to a fee).  Please contact your Sales Manager to arrange this for you.

Support cannot enable for you as your Goal Plan will require configuration for new standard GM fields that are introduced with this product.

1. (bizx-actual) Actual Percentage Complete
2. (bizx-target) Target Percentage Complete
3. (bizx-pos)    Probability of Success
4. (bizx-strategic)  Strategic/Non-Strategic Goal
5. (bizx-effort-spent)  Effort Spent
6. (bizx-status-comments)  Status Comments

Professional Services will also want to confirm the following list of dependencies and pre-requisites for Goal Execution:

1. Goal Management is purchased and enabled.
2. You are utilizing goal alignment through cascading/linking (this is a dependency for the Execution Map).
3. Goal Execution is intended for organizations that update and track goals frequently.
4. Adobe Flash Player v10 or higher is required to view the Execution Map
5. Private goals will not be viewed in any of the Execution map fields.
6. Goal Execution fields can only be utilized by one goal plan at a time.


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