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From the Status Report tab users can:

  • Update Objectives with current status.
  • Click Comment to add notes
  • Update My Other Accomplishments section with other completed activities.
  • Open right panel to see extra information useful for updating status.
  • Click Save to save your work and come back later.
  • Click Send Status Update only when you're ready to send to others.

When you request a status update from another person that person will receive an email with your request. Please be sure to be specific in the comment you send to the recipient. The email they get will NOT list any specific goal details so you will need to provide specific details in your comment as to what goals you need an update on, and any specific details you need them to provide. This will help the recipient to login and provide the status updates you expect.

When you give status updates you can also add comments and provide other relevant feedback relative to your configuration such as: Execution Actual, Execution Target, Level of Effort, and Probability of Success. When you Send Status Update a log will be created in the right fly-out tab under Status Report History. Each time you send a status update a new log with a link will be created from the last update until today. If you sent 3 updates today you will see 3 links in your Status Report History with today's date. When you click on the link a pop-up window opens from where you can review the exact details you provided in each update. The comments you provide in the main Status Report window are only saved once you Send Status Update, and can be viewed only in the Status Report History link. They will not be retained in the main status window comment box.


Admin Controls for Status Reports

  • The administrator can control various elements of Status Reports. They can enable or disable status e mails, set the delivery timing for reminders, set a cut off date to hide older status reports (this helps managers focus on current year or cycles), and set default goal plan to report on.
  • For more information on how to administer these options see:

1. Goal Management: Goal Execution Settings

2. Goal Management: Goal Execution - Status Reports Email Notifications

The administrator should update the current goal plan set in Goal Execution Settings each year so that users can report on the current plan.


Status Report Showing for an Inactive or Old Plan

  • Note: Please ensure that you always have at least one goal plan set as Active in your instance as the status report will by default report on the first Inactive goal plan if you disable all the goal plans. It is not expected that clients would disable all goal plans. Please activate one plan and go to Admin Tools > Goal Execution Settings > set an Active plan to prevent inactive data from showing in reports.
  • If you need to report on an older goal plan then you will need to set it as active and select it from goal execution settings.


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