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  • This article explains the Goals Import Wizard error messages.


  • Goal Management


  • Following are some common errors you may encounter when importing Goals via Goal Import. If you encounter any errors not listed here, please notify Support so we can add them to this solution.


due Parsing Error:

Processing Error :
Parsing Validations: 1
Field Name : due Parsing Error

This error may be due to invalid date formats in your file. Date Formats: You must have all date fields in the format mm/dd/yyyy. If when importing you get the error message "due parsing error", open the original file in NotePad and check the date format. Even though the format might look correct via excel, you need to confirm that by opening in notepad. A format like yyyy-mm-dd can cause this error.


Invalid Enum:

Parsing Validations:    1
      Field Name :      category    Invalid Enum :

This has been seen when clients use a field in the Milestone section named ‘category’.  As a goal plan will also have a default category field this can cause a conflict as you end up with "category" and "Category" resulting in the error Field Name : category Invalid Enum :

Note: Category field is required so system won’t let you save your goal plan if you delete it. To work around this issue remove it and the permissions associated with it via your XML.


linkdoc Parsing Error:

You are attempting to set up the feature for enabling a document link as part of goal importing.  When importing your goal data your get the parsing error: Processing Error :
Parsing Validations: 1
Field Name : linkdoc Parsing Error

The result message is displayed below.  I have attached my template and import file.  Does anyone have thoughts on what I could be missing?

The file needs to use the correct syntax to be succesfully imported. use the following format in your CSV file when importing URL values in that field:  [[URL][Label]] - Note you need to use brackets [[]] like this and then replace the words "URL" or "Label" with what you want displayed.


Processing Errors: "Number of columns for the data rows does not match the number of columns on the header"

When importing a file you get this error (which can start at any random Row Number depending on the clients data.)
Row Number :17
        Processing Error :
Error in CSV file format.       1
        Number of columns for the data row does not match the number of columns in header.

This is caused by losing field delimiters (commas) on that row. To troubleshoot your data is best to open the file in notepad and check the syntax. You will likely find that at the row reported the commas are missing or not correct causing the number of reported columns to be wrong. Since a column in a csv file is represented by "," if your file is missing these at this row, or maybe you have text with commas in it, it will cause incorrect file structure.

For example:
column 1, column 2, this is column 3, and this is column 4 = 4 columns
column 1, column 2 this is column 3 and this is column 4 = 2 columns as there is only 1 comma separator.
column 1, column 2, "this is column 3, and this is column 4" = 3 columns since we have quotes around "this is column 3, and this is column 4" the commas between the quotes are not treated as separators.


"Selected Objective is no Longer Available" Error

After uploading Goals using the Goal Import you find that you cannot edit them via the goal plan. When trying to edit a loaded goal in the UI you get a popup message: Selected objective is no longer available
This can be caused when goals are loaded as a "Private" goal. Therefore the alert maybe correct, and the user is not allowed to edit this private goal. If the goal should not be private reload the goals with OBJECTIVE_PUBLIC = Y.


Validation error encounter. Unknown system field (line: 1)

Validation error encounter. Import Process abort. Nothing is created or updated. Please correct the following error(s) and try again.
Unknown system field :
(line : 1 )

The occurs when the import file is not correctly saved as a CSV file. Check to see if it has been accidentally saved as an XLS (or other) file. Save the file as a CSV file and re-import.


Warning: Goal Library mapping deprecated, please check the document/dtd for more details.

  • When importing a goal plan you receive the following error: Warning Goal Library mapping deprecated, please check the document/dtd for more details.
    Objective template was updated successfully
  • This errors appears because the goal template XML contains old style field-mapping tags in the Library area. After the B1011 release these are no longer required in any goal plans and can be safely removed from your goal plan.
  • To remove this warning simply delete the highlighted lines from the XML:

<obj-library name="SuccessFactors Library" >
<field-mapping src-library-field-id="Data1" dst-field-id="metric"/>
<field-mapping src-library-field-id="Name" dst-field-id="name"/>


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