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  • This Article discusses Calibration List Views. Admin Tools > Calibration > Manage Calibration TemplatesSelect the template. Advanced Tab >List Views


  • Calibration


  • The Calibration List View handles large amounts of data and allows users to make rating and comment changes directly in the list view. This is an ideal experience for users with disabilities and anyone wanting to make quick data changes.
  • *Please note, Calibration is still best facilitated with sessions of no more than 200-500 employees



Summarized Data or Summarized Matrix Views

  • Add summarized data or summarized matrix views to the template. Summarized data displays the ratings from each data source, and summarized views displays the matrix grid and titles. To use this option, go to Admin Tools > Manage Calibration Templates, and find the template you want to work with. Then go to Advanced Tab > List View, and select either the Summarize Data checkbox or the Summarize View checkbox, or both. (CAL-935)


Select User Fields to Display

  • You can control the fields that are displayed in the list view. Admin Tools > Manage Calibration Templates, Select the template. Advanced Tab > List View, > ‘Select user fields to display’ section> Choose the user information that you want to display.


Views’ Configuration option to provide “Summary of Views"

  • List View can provide summary of other ‘Views’Configuration option to provide “Summary of Views” information in the List View
  • JIRA #: CAL-935 (ULTRA only)
  • List view can also “Summarize Views"; this is helpful when there are grid views and label are specified for the cells, then in the list view, the grid view will be shown in a column (the View name shown as the column title) with each subject's corresponding cell label as the subject's value for this column
  • For example, we can show the Performance-Potential grid cell that the employee belongs to from the Performance/ Potential tab, within the List View.

Configuration Steps: This is an opt-in feature that can be configured by customers using Admin Tools. Admin Tools > Calibration > Manage Calibration Templates > (Open or create a template) > Advanced tab > List View section > Select Summarize Data, Summarize Views or both.


PM Rating Label

  • List view will show the PM rating label and not the numerical rating value. This is current design.


KBA , LOD-SF-PM-CAL , PM-Calibration Issues Specific to PM Forms , How To


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