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2070161 - Configuring Display Options and Filter fields - Calibration


  • How do I configure the display options and filterable fields for the Calibration session?
  • Can I add new filter to the Calibration Session or Calibration Executive Review?


SuccessFactors Calibration


Display Options

Following fields are built in to the system and will always be displayed:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Count  

If you have enabled the Quick Card in this template, then the following will also be available:

  • QuickCard

Any other display option field is shown if you have defined it in the Matrix Grid Classifer tool. This is actually a tool typically used for Succession to define the icons for a given field. The icons are used to visually represent certain data element (e.g. "H" for high impact of loss, "M" for medium impact of loss and "L" for low impact of loss).

So long as one of these icons is defined in the Matrix Grid Classifier tool, it will also show up here. Note that whatever you define will show up for all sessions. This cannot be configured individually by template.


Filter Options

Filter Options can help narrow the number of subjects to display for a Calibration session.

Filter Options has a mix of both hard-coded fields (fields that will always show up), and additional filters the customer can define.

The hard-coded Filter Option fields are as follows:

  • Manager
  • Department
  • Division
  • Location
  • Job Code
  • Risk of Loss
  • Impact of Loss
  • Reason for Leaving

The filters "Risk of Loss", "Impact of Loss" and "Reason for Leaving" can be enabled/disabled in the data tab when configuring a calibration template.
Whether they are enabled at the template level or not, they will continue to show as filter options.

Note: Please be informed that updating the XML code (Data Model) for this filter options will impact not only for Calibration Module but also to other modules in SuccessFactors that uses these type of Fields.

To add or remove these filters, please contact your Implementation Partner as it is necessary to go through a Configuration Change in the Data Model XML code of your instance. 

Custom filters are also available in Calibration Executive Review, on the top right hand corner: 


NOTE: Changes made to the Display and Filter Options will show up for all sessions.  This cannot be configured individually by template.

[Internal Steps for Partners & Support]

To add new Calibration filter field, this will require adding <custom-filters> to the data model.

  1. Add a custom field (i.e. custom01 through custom15). It must be a custom field - you cannot for example, re-use a field such as Job Title and directly make it a custom filter. This might imply that there is a periodic process which uploads a field such as Job Title into your custom field. 

Once you have data in the CUSTOM field of choice then then use the following code below (I used custom04 – a screenshot of the Resulting filter is below as well):
Add the tag: <filter-module id=”calibration”> under <custom-filters> in Succession Data Model you can define custom fields to be in the filter list for your sessions.


You get the following in Calibration Session:



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