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2070030 - Manage Calibration Templates - Calibration


This article reviews the options available under Manage Calibration Templates.


SAP SuccessFactors Calibration


Admin Center > Calibration > Manage Calibration Templates


Manage Calibration Templates:

  • From here you can see information about your templates as well as clone existing templates. Template Name, Sessions using this template, Status, Date range, Last Modified
  • Click on the Template name to open the subtabs: Basic Info - Views - Data - Advanced


In Basic Info Tab:

  • Define the Template details: *Template Name: *Review Period: 


In Data Tab:

  • Select the data source for the elements you want to calibrate:  


Performance Calibration includes the evaluation of performance, goals, potential, or other customer-defined elements.

  1. Select the form template(s) that contains the elements you want to calibrate: and at which routing step can the data be used?  
    Note: sometimes your calibration data might come from multiple templates. In that case, the system only supports the elements defined in the primary template.
  2.  Select at least one element for calibration. Then define its distribution guideline. 
  • Calculated Overall Objective Rating
  • Calculated Overall Competency Rating
  • Overall Form Rating

Requirements for Performance Management (PM) configuration:

  • Route map must have at least one single user or collaborative modify step. Iterative and signature steps are not supported.
  • PM form must have manual ratings configured for the Performance, Potential, OverallObjective, and Overall Competency fields for Calibration to be able to use them
  • Manual ratings will allow you to drag and drop users in the session. If the form is configured with only calculated ratings, drag and drop functionality will be disabled.
  • If you need to edit the form directly from the Calibration session, permissions may need to be adjusted. If the Calibration session users are not directly involved in the route map, they may not have permission to view or edit all the necessary elements.

In addition, the Performance Form Template must have one of the following ratings enabled:

  • Overall performance rating insummary-sect
  • Overallobjective rating in oobjcomp-summary-sect
  • Overall competency rating inobjcomp-summary-sect
  • Overall performance rating inperfpot-summary-sect
  • Overall potential rating inperfpot-summary-sect

Set distribution guideline(optional)
*Total guideline should add up to 100%

Compensation calibration allows you to calibrate employee's compensation ratios (see step 2. below).

Employee Profile
Allow access and modification to subject's Employee Profile and/or custom ratings (if any) during the session.

Talent Flag
Allow access and modification to subject's Talent Flag during the session.

Specify if you want to make data from certain modules available in Calibration sessions. The data can be used for reference only, and can’t be a calibration factor. You can also specify if you want additional indicators to display.

B1109: You now have the option to have the Learning link go directly to the Learning page instead of the Development Goal page. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Manage Calibration Templates, and select the template you want to work with. Click Data from the menu. Scroll down the page and select the Others checkbox. Select the Allow access to Learning activity checkbox. (CAL-840)

Allow access to Development  
Show Succession status icons from the Succession Matrix Report 
Display QuickCards



In Views Tab



List View
For more information on List views please see: All About List Views

  • Select User Fields to Display
Add View
  • Set your Calibration element(s): Overall Form Rating  vs (Select Y axis) Overall Form Rating
  • Options:
    • Show an extra column for bin view:
  • Select language: From available packs you may have installed. Deutsch (German) English UK (English UK)English US... etc
  • View Name
  • B1109: You have the option to specify different grid box label names in different languages. Previously, you could only use one name and it would be translated into different languages. To specify label names:
    1. go to Admin Center> Calibration > Manage Calibration Templates
    2. select the template you want to work with.
    3. Click Views from the menu.
    4. Click the Add View link.
    5. Select a language from the Select Language dropdown menu.
    6. Enter the label names you want to use in View Name.
      1. (CAL-605, CAL-756)

In Advanced Tab:


  • Thresholds
    • The auto route form during finalization and force routing will be a background process when the session goes beyond this specified number of subjects:
    • The maximum number of viewable subjects without filtering: Set a value between 1 and 2000. Be advised of performance issues when using higher values (see KB article 2070695)

Restrict Moderation Role Access by Target Population - more info..

  • Roles are by Facilitator, Co-facilitator, Owner, Participant, Executive Reviewer

 Calibration History Portlet

  • Select the rating type to display in the History Portlet

 In Executive Review tab:


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