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2069226 - Reports - Blind-spot and Hidden Strength reports - 360 Multi Rater


  • What are "Blind-spot" and "Hidden Strength" reports?


  • 360 Multi Rater



  • Reports display competencies where the 360 subject rated themselves significantly higher than the aggregate of all other participants.


Hidden Strength
  • Report displays competencies where the 360 subject rated themselves significantly lower than the aggregate of all other participants.

  Configuring the Gap Calculation:

  • This is typically an xml change done by the SuccessFactors Technical Engineers. The XML in the 360 can indicate the threshold for blind spots and hidden strengths. Most 360 forms include a blind-spot and hidden-threshold of 0.0, 0.5, 1.0 or 1.5. Using low numbers like these will show gaps regardless of how small, relative to the rating scale and ratings. However, if you would only like to see gaps that are at a certain level, for example .5 or 1 point on your rating scale, then you can have your form reconfigured to reflect such gaps.

You can set this value in the 360 Form Template XML for ratable sections. To set up calculations 2 factors need to be considered:

1) Threshold (blind spot or hidden strength)

2) Rating scale being used in the form section where the threshold has been set Relevant XML (with example setting of 25.0): <hidden-strength-threshold>25.0</hidden-strength-threshold> <blind-spot-threshold>25.00</blind-spot-threshold> For example using the XML code above and a rating scale of 1-5 will ensure that only differences greater than 1 point on the 5 point scale will display on the hidden strengths or blind spots report. Remember that a 1-5 scale has a low score of 1 (not 0) so a 1-5 scale parses the same as a 0-4 scale into 4 quarters (0-1, 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4). Therefore a threshold of 25.0 will ensure that the difference between a self rating and the corresponding rating from others must be greater than 1 point to show up on either the Blind Spots or Hidden Strengths reports.


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