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2069148 - Reports - Detailed 360 Report - 360 Multi Rater


  • This solution provides information on activating and using the Detailed 360 Report. This feature must be enabled for your instance by SuccessFactors customer support.


  • 360 Multi Rater


Detailed 360 Report:

  • There are five different 360 reports available to view: Graphical Summary View (default opening view), Gap Analysis View, Hidden Strengths View, Blind Spots View, and Rank View. Each report has several different options.



Once this feature has been enabled for your instance it is permissioned to specific people by settings in your 360 Form Template settings. To turn on and set who it is visible to go to:
Admin tools > Form template Administration -> Form Templates > Open the 360 template >
Detailed 360 Report Permission Control:

  • Approvers
  • Process Owner
  • Manager
  • HR Rep
  • Employee Approvers
  • Detailed Reporting Privileges

Once enabled, a person with access to the report will now see a link on 360s called "Detailed 360 Report" Click the link to open the report. In addition to this, a button to access the report shows in the top toolbar section of the 360 form page. The button will appear to the user as appropriate for the user’s permissions.

SuccessFactors also provides alternative access controls from the above method, similar to how we permission access to features on a Performance Form. If you would like access to the 360 report to be given to roles other than those listed above, then you will want to have SuccessFactors configure your form to use the feature "Use Form XML". Use Form XML will replace the above settings, and access to the Detailed 360 Report will be granted based on the hard-coded roles we will add to your master template.

Customize Display Options:

  • Once in the report you have ability to customize the display of certain data.
  • You can also hide the Display Options section on the report altogether or determine which fields to show by default in the Graphical Summary View. You can set this at the template level for each type of 360 form you use.
  • To hide the display options, go to Admin Tools > Form Templates and clear the "Show Display Options in Graphical View" checkbox. This will hide the display options section usually shown at the top of the report.
  • To set which fields display by default, go to Admin Tools > Form Templates, and scroll down to the Default Display Options in Graphical Summary View section. Select the checkboxes of the fields you want to display. Now, only those fields display when you first open the report.


Default Display Options in Graphical Summary View:

Show descriptions Show comments
Show rating labels Show rating values
Show ranges Show scales
Expand categories Rank

Finally, you can use both switches together to set the fields you want to display on the report, then hide the Display Options section so employees can’t make changes


Other features at your control in the report:

Admin tools > Form template Administration -> Form Templates > Open the 360 template >

  • Enable Gap Analysis View from Detailed 360 Report.
  • Enable Rank View from Detailed 360 Report.
  • Show Display Options in Graphical Summary View
  • Calculate the item ratings by sub-item ratings in Detailed 360 Report.
  • Enable enhanced Detailed 360 Report anonymity
  • Display the ratings in Detailed 360 Report with the decimal places which are set in form template.
  • Display 360 graph axis rating labels
  • Hide the link to the detailed 360 report in the En Route and Completed folders until all users have completed the 360.


360 Report Types:

Rank View: This view lets you see all competencies or behaviors across all categories in a single list, sorted by highest to lowest ratings (or the reverse, lowest to highest) so that you can quickly see what items received the best or worst ratings.

To show this Rank View on the report, enable it for the specific 360 form. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Form Templates, and select the 360 form to change. Scroll down the page and select the Enable Rank View from Detailed 360 Report checkbox. Click Update Form Template.


Ranking Across Sections:

  • Provide a way to rank competencies or behaviors that goes across sections (unlike the Graphical Summary View). You cannot rank both competencies and behaviors simultaneously.
  • Be able to rank competencies or behaviors from highest rating first or by lowest average rating first.
  • Be able to rank based on any of the available raters or averages.
  • Make sure ranking is numbered so users can easily find the top 5, 10, etc.
  • Comments are not included in Rank View. It is ratings only.


Using the Feature
To enable this feature, do the following:

  1. Go to Admin > Form Templates. Select the appropriate 360 template.
  2. Find the option to Enable Rank View and check that option. Save changes.
  3. Navigate to the summary view for the desired 360. Open the Detailed 360 Report.
  4. Click the Rank View button at the top of the window. This will open the new View.

Within Rank View, the user will have the option of ranking competencies or behaviors. The user will also be able to choose if they want to rank from highest rating to lowest rating, or vice versa. There will also be the option to Expand Categories so you can rank (sort) by individuals' ratings.
Rank View will also show the selected order in the "section" title. It will say "Highest to Lowest" or "Lowest to Highest" and number the competencies or behaviors so that you can easily find the "top 10" or "bottom 10" quickly. Simply select which rater or average you would like to order the Rank View by.

This view will *not* include comments. It is simply a rank ordering of competencies or behaviors. No indenting is required.


Gap Analysis:

  • Allows you to see if there is a significance in the ratings between two of the groups of raters.  Note that you can choose the categories or groups that you want to compare. To show or hide the Gap Analysis view: The Administrator can hide the view at the form level. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Form Templates, and select the 360 form to change. Scroll down the page and clear the Enable Gap Analysis Detailed 360 Report checkbox. Click Update Form Template. Once that's set, the view is hidden from the report.


Details about the different colors shown in the Gap Analysis:

There are 5 possible colors on the gap analysis charts (this applies to the first two columns where you select the two columns to compare).  For the actual gap, it will only be red or green depending on the direction of the gap.  So for the first two columns the change in color depends on the percent of the rating in the scale (e.g. a rating of 3.45 on a 1-5 scale equals 61.25%) and not directly mapped to ratings (so we can support different rating scales with the same 5 colors).  Here’s the breakdown of what percentage the rating represents and what color will be displayed:

  • 25% and under = red
  • More than 25% up to and including 41% = orange
  • More than 41% up to and including 59% = yellow
  • More than 59% up to and including 75% = light green
  • Everything else (more than 75% and up) = green


Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths:

  • Allows you see where there is a significant difference between how the individual rated themselves compared to all the raters.


360 Terminology:

Benchmark / Benchmark ID:

  • The group of job-code competency rating averages. When referring to a benchmark or benchmark ID, it is referring to all of the average ratings over all of the included job codes and competencies.  


Benchmark Rating:

  • A single average for one job-code/competency. For example, the Communication competency for Accountant I has a benchmark rating of 3.22, and the Typing Skills competency for the Accountant Manager job code has another benchmark rating of 4.26. But both of these benchmark ratings may be included in the same benchmark set or benchmark ID.  


Competency-Job Code:

  • This is the specific combination of a competency that is assigned to a specific job code. There is one benchmark rating per competency-job code combination.  


Rank View:

  • A new view available on the Detailed 360 Report which allows users to sort competencies or behaviors across sections.




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